Ladies, Your Man Is Cheating On You Because He Loves You

Ladies, if your man is cheating on you please understand that he is only cheating because he’s trying to make your relationship stronger by seeing how well you two can stand up to adversity.  His cheating is simply just a test to see how strong you are mentally.  Do not fail that test by leaving him.  Prove to your man just how strong you can be and I guarantee he will become the man you’ve always wanted him to be.  Facts.

No man wants a weak woman and one way men like to measure how potentially weak their woman might be is to cheat on them with a proven weak minded woman.  Your man’s infidelity is not about him wanting to get some random strange from the every big booty he sees.  No.  His alleged infidelity is simply him putting your relationship to the ultimate test to see exactly how loyal you can be to him.  Loyalty is everything to a man.  So if you can accept your man sleeping with another woman, then this man will shower you with nothing but love, respect & affection.  His cheating is him simply trying to prove to you how much of a good man he can be for you because once you discover his cheating, he will immediately show you how much he applauds your for standing your ground to declare that he is YOUR man.  Once he truly senses that, he will not be tempted to stray again…until he feels like another test may be warranted.  Relationships are all about tests.  Your man constantly cheating is merely a cry for attention & love from you and every time you catch him cheating, you solidify in his mind that you truly love & adore the life you two have created and shall continue to create.  Your man is cheating on you because he loves you.  It’s really that simple.  Let this man prove his love by cheating.  Every time he penetrates another woman, he is constantly reminding that other woman of how fortunate you are to have his penis for life.  You should view this is in the same manner.  You should feel special to know that every woman he cheats with is not privileged to your man’s penis.  Also know, there are no emotions attached to his cheating.  These woman are just feeling temporary pleasure in the form of sex, but you get the whole package.  You get the pleasure, the emotions & the life long commitment.  You are the lucky one.  These women will never have what you & your man have.  Cherish that man.  He is only cheating to reinforce how much he truly loves you.

But what about me?  Can I cheat to prove my love?” — random woman potentially getting cheated on by a man who cheats because he loves her


Your cheating is not the same.  Your cheating would be an act of selfishness.  A man can never forgive his woman once he discovers she has been penetrated by another man outside of their relationship.  You on the other hand are much stronger than a man in the emotions department.  We live in a world where woman are constantly told they are not as good as men.  Prove these men wrong and stand by your man no matter how many times he cheats because his cheating is purely designed to strengthen your relationship.  Every stroke he gives another woman, every time he smacks another big booty bent over in doggy style, every time you physically catch him in the act…these are all tests just to see how strong you are so that he can give his all to you.  So ladies, show your man just how strong & dedicated you are to your relationship by staying with him after he cheats.  You’ve earned that man and you deserve that man.

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