A Few Points About The Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj Beef

Onyx Contributor:  H.T. (@Awkblerd), Podcast:  Lansing Anti-Hero

1.  It’s been said many times, but it must be said:  just because an artist is selling records, it does not mean that they are necessarily a talented artist.  I know we’ve all seen the comparisons many times on social media, but the comparison between these two artists and McDonald’s vs other burger chains is apt.  Remember, not everybody has a Shake Shack or an In-N-Out in their town but no one is ever far from a Mickey Ds.

2.  As much as Nicki fans like to defend her by bringing up her sales, one must take into account that, yes, Nicki has an advantage sales wise mainly because she doesn’t really sell most her music to the same people as Remy.  Hell, it’s safe to say that a majority of people who buy most of Nicki’s records have never heard of Terror Squad, let alone Remy Ma.  I’ll just say it:  lotta white people.  Now, this is not to say there’s no white people who listen to Remy Ma, but it’s safe to say there’s far more that listened to Nicki’s songs.  I know because I have a clear memory of “Starships” playing on a CBS show.  No bullshit.

3.  A lot of people compare this to Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent.  And frankly it isn’t really different on the surface:  popular mainstream rapper vs. hard willed and respected lesser known rapper.  But keep in mind that Ja Rule didn’t so much lose his career off 50 Cent as frankly the guy’s music didn’t age well.  Also, his label got caught up in a fed case about allegedly funding a known drug dealer that may or may not have had 50 shot 9 times, so there’s that.

4.  All we can say for a fact about Remy Ma vs. Nicki in the issue of love is that Remy, from what we’ve seen, Papoose was supportive before, during and after Remy’s stint in jail.  Nicki?  All we can say is that Safaree is shitty, and I’ve already said how I feel about Meek and Drake.

5.  Honestly, Nicki probably didn’t fuck Ebro.  Nothing to gain and I doubt he’s her type looks wise.  Unless Remy has receipts, I’m gonna have doubts.

6.  Yeah, Remy was right about the record deal bars.  Proof is in the fact that Birdman refuses to let Nicki leave her contract with Young Money more than he’s unwilling to pay Lil’ Wayne his money.

7.  The quickest way to lower suspension in regards of accusations of sleeping with a celebrity is to NOT PUBLICLY DEMAND SAID GUY DENY SAID ACCUSATION.  Just saying.

8.  The reason Nicki was so vocal in her beefs with Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey is because really, it’s two pop stars arguing.  Remy could potentially kill or have Nicki killed.  Big motherfucking difference.

9.  For the love of god, if anyone out here is ready to accuse fans of Remy or haters of Nicki of being misognists because Nicki is the more successful one or that Remy has more of a “masculine” sound, please just sit down.  We get it, you have suspicions.  But sometimes celebrity beefs are just simple and not some potential dissertation in gender studies.

10.  Whether or not you like Shether, just know that despite what people say, beef between at least decent to very talented artists is good for hip hop.  Some of the best records in hip hop were produced due to beefs.  Really, everyone doesn’t have to always be fighting, but for everyone saying this is problematic because two women in a male dominated genre are at odds really says more about the people critiquing said beef are very unfamiliar with the nature of hip hop.  You don’t have to be constantly talking about the 5 pillars of hip hop to know that the rapping itself is steeped in competition and that yes, shit can get mighty politically incorrect.

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