Rapper “The Game” Is The Most Caping Ass Rapper Out These Days

In case you missed it, Remy Ma handed Nicki Minaj that work recently in a diss track titled Shether…take a listen…

But I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to talk about this forever staying angry at every damn thing in life ass nigga named The Game.  You would think a nigga as rich as he is would finally find some semblance of peace & happiness…but no.  This nigga’s life ain’t right if he ain’t just mad for the sake of being mad.  I mean, this nigga probably goes to sleep with his face frowned up every night, wakes with a frown, eats a bowl cereal with a scowl, kisses his kids all angry…I mean, this dude has just been non-stop angry about everything in life for the last 15 years or so.  My goodness, the fuck is wrong with this dude.  I mean seriously.  I know niggas in the hood often times have undiagnosed mental issues stemming from hood shit…but man, somebody needs to take this nigga to aisle 5 of Walmart & buy this angry nigga a smile.  It’s like somebody slapped him in the back of the head as a child and he got real angry, then somebody slapped him upside his head again immediately after they saw his angry face and his angry face just froze permanently.  This nigga is too damn old to be so damn angry.  The fuck are you so damn mad & angry about all of the damn time?  Go roll your angry ass around in a field of flowers somewhere out in Nebraska.  Just let that anger loose.  My goodness.

Anyways, this is why I’m writing this…

Did you read that bullshit?  All of it?  This dude has to be the most caping ass dude in the damn industry.  Seriously.  This dude basically said in about 10,000 words on IG, which is very tedious work to type out:

“Meek Mill, I HATE YOU NIGGA!  I HATE YOUR GUTS!  I HATE YOU!  HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO MY NICKI!  SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MINES FIRST AFTER SAFAREE!  I HATE YOU!  Nicki, I will love you.  I just want to love.  Can I love you Nicki?  Nicki, you should have let me love you after our video.  I just want to love you Nicki. 😍  MEEK MILL, I HATE YOU! 😤  I HATE YOU FOR LIKING A MEME OF THE WOMAN I LOVE!  I HATE YOU! I….HATE….YOU!  YOU…I…HATE!  I HATE YOU! (I hope Nicki reads this after I tag her so that she can see how much I love her and HATE MEEK MILL…I HATE YOU!!!)

I’m not about to dissect this line for line and normally I really wouldn’t even give a shit, but when I read the part that said “I shoulda never took my hands from around Nicki that day we shot #PillsNPotions…that was the last time she been held by a REAL NIGGA!!!“…I bout fell out of my chair laughing.  This nigga is on IG doing the EXACT SAME SHIT this nigga Meek Mill did to win Nicki from Safaree lmao. 😂😭   Man stop with your ole corny sensitive thug ass lol.  You all up on IG crying over another dude with what took place between him & his ex-girlfriend while trying to put your “If I was your man, I’d take care of you & love you right Nicki” bid in…man just stop.  I mean, why don’t you just slide in her DMs or hit her cellphone.  Why are you all on IG crying like that angry little kid who has a crush on a chick that ain’t showing him any affection.  You just standing there ready to punch holes in brick walls cause she got a thing for dudes who actually know how to smile & enjoy life every now & then.  I mean nigga, you must really want that pussy bad…my goodness. 😂

This shit is just sad.  I bet this dude goes to sleep at night on a Nicki Minaj bed sheet & blanket set while holding a black Barbie doll imagining it’s Nicki laying next to him.  Every night Meek Mill was poking up against Nicki’s hydrogel ass, this nigga The Game was at home cutting Meek Mill’s eyes out of every picture he saw of him in a magazine.  This nigga The Game probably stole all of Nicki’s IG pictures of her & Meek and photoshopped his angry face onto Meek’s body.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this nigga The Game had a secret room in his house with nothing but Nicki Minaj photos everywhere that he regularly goes into the room to beat off too.  I bet this nigga The Game got an appointment with his tattoo dude to get Nicki’s name tattooed on his lower back.  This nigga sitting at home right now watching Pills N Potions on repeat reminiscing while angrily gripping a pink fluffy pillow.  Somebody help this dude win Nicki please.  This nigga’s anger for not being with Nicki is just too damn much. 😂 😭

He probably got this pic in his wallet with words written on the back that say, “One day Nicki, one day. 😍”


Chicks probably reading this saying, “I wish I had a man who showed affection like that for me!”  Shut up chick.  That’s why you don’t have a man like that now…these sensitive thugs are too emotionally unstable.

Your favorite mulatto.
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