White People Are Responsible For The Sins of Their Ancestors

White society loves to pride itself on having everything in life figured out except for how this whole racism & white supremacy thing works.  Amazing.

Are white people responsible for the sins of their ancestors?

Here are some questions to help you figure out if you, white person, are responsible for the sins of your ancestors:

1.  Do you practice racism?  Then YES

2.  Do you run around screaming that racism doesn’t exist?  Then YES

3.  Are you an “I’m colorblind” type of person?  YES

4.  Are you a “Slavery was a long time ago, get over it” type of person?  YES

5.  Are you a “b-b-but, I’m not racist” type of person?  YES

6.  Are you a “Black people can be racist too” type of person?  YES

7.  Are you a “That’s reverse racism” type of person?  YES

8.  Are you a “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” type of person?  YES

9.  Are you a “My ancestors never owned any slaves” type of person?  YES

10.  Are you a “The Irish were slaves too” type of person?  YES

11.  Are you a “What would Martin Luther King, Jr. do” type of person?  YES

12.  Are you an “All lives matter” type of person?  YES

13.  Are you a “Blue lives matter” type of person?  YES

14.  Are you a “Make America Great Again” type of person?  YES

15.  Are you a “Colin Kaepernick is disrespectful for not standing” type of person?  YES

16.  Are you a “If you just listen to the cops, you won’t die” type of person?  YES

17.  Are you a “How come there’s no white history month” type of person?  YES

18.  Are you a “If we had a white awards show, blacks would say it’s racist” type of person?  YES

19.  Are you a “You weren’t a slave, why do you need reparations” type of person?  YES

20.  Are you a “Affirmative action is reparations for black people” type of person?  YES

21.  Are you a “B-b-but we need to wait on the facts & evidence to see if the cop is wrong” type of person?  YES

22.  Are you a “Trayvon Martin was a thug” type of person?  YES

23.  Are you a “If Tamir Rice didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t have gotten shot” type of person?  YES

24.  Are you a “Eric Garner shouldn’t have resisted arrest” type of person?  YES

25.  Are you a “What about black on black crime” type of person?  YES

26.  Are you a “Take a look at what’s happening in Chicago” type of person?  YES

27.  Are you a “If you don’t like America, MOVE” type of person?  YES

28.  Are you a “America is not racist, we had a black President” type of person?  YES

29.  Are you a “I have black friends” type of person?  YES

30.  Are you a “I have a black girlfriend or boyfriend” type of person?  YES

31.  Are you a “My child is half-black” type of person?  YES

32.  Are you a “We’re all just Americans” type of person?  YES

33.  Are you a “It’s not racism, it’s a bunch of rich people trying to separate us” type of person?  YES

34.  Are you a “(insert random black person’s name), why are you so angry” type of person?  YES

35.  Are you a “You’re not like other black people” type of person?  YES

36.  Are you a “(insert random rich black person) is rich & complaining about racism” type of person?  YES

37.  Are you a “America never had racial issues until Obama became President” type of person?  YES

38.  Are you a “Why are they rioting & burning down their own communities” type of person?  YES

39.  Are you a “(insert random black woman’s name) can I touch your hair” type of person?  YES

40.  Are you a “The Black Panther Party was the same as the KKK” type of person?  YES

41.  Are you a “I fly my Confederate flag because it represents my Southern heritage” type of person?  YES

42.  Are you a “If black people can say nigga, I should be able to say it too” type of person?  YES

43.  Are you a “My ancestors emigrated through Ellis Island, they had nothing to do with it” type of person?  YES

44.  Are you a “Africans enslaved other Africans first” type of person?  YES

45.  Are you a “Egyptians were not black” type of person?  YES

46.  Are you a “White supremacy?  What’s that?  There is no such thing.” type of person?  YES

All of the statements inside of these 46 questions (plus plenty more I failed to list) are all statements that have been used repeatedly by white people to justify either upholding or maintaining that status quo of systemic racism & white supremacy or they are used to turn a blind eye to the plight of black people period.  I’m sure there are more questions I could put on here, but I got other shit to do.

Some of you white people are reading this & saying to yourselves, “but I’m not my ancestors”.  True you are not your ancestors.  But the foundation your ancestors put in a great deal of work to create allowed for a country so deeply rooted in racism towards Africans to fester for generations unchecked & unchallenged.  Your ancestors allowed for this country to eat, sleep, breath fantasize & masturbate to racism in some form that its effects ooze out of every facet of American life today to the point where the 46 questions I posed have to even be a thought in your mind to wonder if you are responsible for your ancestors’ sins to begin with.  Your ancestors created this reality that black people have to live with in the present day.  You may not be your ancestors & you may feel like you shouldn’t be held responsible for your ancestors’s sins, but guess what…black people living in the present that are still dealing with the effects of your ancestors cannot dig up your deceased ancestors to hold them responsible for the way they purposely went about systemically oppressing black people.  Black people will hold you, white person, accountable because it is you, white person, who has inherited the mess your ancestors created & you have the power to actually change it.  The problem is, too many of you do not want to change it because you either support the foundation your ancestors laid or you could careless because you, white person, have the option as to whether or not their foundation of pure racism affects your life or not.  You can choose to be “colorblind” or wonder why black people appear to be so angry or choose to makeup random justifications to pretend like you are exempt from the affects of racism because you have a black friend or black significant other.  You have those options.  Black people on the other hand do not have the option to remove themselves from the stigma of racism your ancestors set in place that has permeated throughout society for damn near 500 years now.  So until you, white person, decides to actually go about the business of dismantling systemic racism & white supremacy….YES, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE SINS OF YOUR ANCESTORS.

Your favorite mulatto.


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