“Trump Supporters Really Are Stupid” According to Singer Joy Villa

In case you missed it last night, an unknown singer by the name of Joy Villa came out on the red carpet wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress.  As expected, Donald Trump supporters all over the internet were praising Joy Villa as if she just won an Olympic gold medal for “shoving it in the libtards faces”. Ok. 😕  But I guess they failed to go back and check her tweets.  Fortunately, my brother was bored enough to do just that and he directed me to a specific tweet sent out by Joy Villa back on August 23, 2016.

Well well well, what do we have here ladies & gentleman?  The instant champion of #MAGA was literally just a few months ago cosigning a person named Gavin Free for calling Trump supporters stupid for not voting for Hillary Clinton.  Oh my…how could this be?  How could a person on one day declare all Trump supporters to be a bunch of idiots, then another day come out on the red carpet at the Grammys adorned in a “Make America Great Again” dress?  How Sway???  I’ll tell you how…

You see, the vast majority of Trump supporters truly are idiots and I’m not about to venture down the path of explaining why in terms of political beliefs and ideologies, but I will say that most of these idiots voted for a man who has literally spent his entire life voting & agreeing with liberal/Democratic ideals, then all of a sudden decided to switch parties to run for President.  I will also say that these Trump supporters are idiots simply because Joy Villa appears to have played the shit out of these Trump supporters.  You see, nobody (too include these dumb ass Trump supporters) even knew who Joy Villa was prior to last night.  Her social media following was subpar for the likes of a so-called “professional” singer, nobody was watching any of her videos on her YouTube channel prior to last night, & her album on iTunes was ranked in like the 500 thousandth position or lower…I didn’t even know iTunes ranked albums that low.  But after she debuted in that “Trump” dress, her iTunes sales magically shot up so damn high that her album is now within the top 20 of all iTunes albums.  Funny, how that happened.  So what does that tell you about Joy Villa exactly?  It tells you that this “professional” singer’s career must not be worth a damn at all if the ONLY way she can get people to take notice of her is to wear a “Trump” dress versus people noticing her because of her music.  It also tells you that the people buying her music are a bunch of idiots too simply because they are willing to support anyone and anything that remotely promotes Donald Trump’s message of “Make America Great Again” despite the fact that just literally a few months ago, this walking talking Trump billboard was calling Trump supporters a bunch of idiots for not choosing to support Hillary Clinton.

So in essence, it appears Joy Villa may have just played the shit out of Trump supporters just to get their money…and it worked.  I still won’t be buying her album, but hey…I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…cooning pays.

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