Seductive Mixtape Series #22: I Love H.E.R.

Yooooo!!! Have you ever heard some music that instantly made you feel high?  Well, I was just listening to some music via YouTube at work one day and accidentally came across the mysterious artist known as H.E.R.  Boy, I instantly felt like something was different, and I was pulled into such beautiful music that made me close my eyes as I desired to ingest it and hear it better. (For a second, I forgot that I was at work.)  I’m talking about the music from H.E.R. lifts your soul out of your body and carries you to somewhere relaxing and special.

I wish I could tell you more about H.E.R., but my research quickly made me realize that I had embarked on the same journey as many others before in trying to figure out the person behind the stunning vocals and dark silhouette on the album cover.  Some say that it is an artist named Gabby Wilson, (I had to look her up too), but I guess that hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet.  Either way, the mystery and quality R&B tracks makes her someone who a lot of people, including me, will be checking for in the future.

H.E.R. kinda reminds me of artists like Syd the Kid, Yuna, Kali Uchis, and Jheno Aiko but with a deeper, darker voice.  (Most people my age probably have no idea who any of them are.)  One may even stretch and say that she is the female version of Drake (when he is singing).  I guess I can see that.

One of the reasons why I do this series of blog posts is to put my fans on to some great music that you may not have ever heard before.  All of these series ain’t about love-making music; some are meant to introduce songs to bring you down after a long day or to help you float up and away from the stresses of life…even if only for a moment.  Maybe the smokers can light one to the songs in this particular list…maybe. I personally plan on doing some meditation to some of these H.E.R. tracks on repeat. True talk.  Enjoy.


Song #1 – Facts

After a few bleep sounds, a heavy and sexy voice proceeds meditative keyboard and bass.  I believe that the premise of the song is about a person in the infatuation phase of a relationship.  H.E.R. seems to be open about her feelings about the person of subject and hopeful in something endearing and enduring.

It definitely is the type of song that you can play on repeat as you sit in a dark room or under a blue light as you spark up your hookah with some dark liquor and let time slip without giving a damn. (Ima have to try that someday!)


Song #2 – U

Hmmm….Ima take a stab at this one and say that this song is about her (I mean H.E.R.) plea to the one that she is interested in to do right instead of mistreating her, neglecting her, and not choosing her.  It is one of those of those songs that says, “this could be us but you keep playing”.  LOL.  It could also be one of those “get your ish together soon, or I’m gone” songs.  Thoughts?

Either way, U is a laid back track with solid percussion and sincere vocals. I like it, and it really reminds me of Jhene Aiko…a lot.


Song #3 – Wait For It

This song samples one of the most powerful songs of anticipation, Say Yes by Floetry, and tells a story about total anticipation.  In this short song, she sings about mutual desire and the impatient buildup of an opportunity to cash in that desire.

Have you ever felt those butterflies (see what I did there?) as the day and hour comes before you get to meet up with the one that makes your hands shake and your body warm with expectation?  This song embodies that!  That is just my opinion of this song, but maybe my over-romantic side is itching again…..maybe.



Note to the readers:  I appreciate the support and love from my readers.  I love your feedback!!  Let me know if you like the song choices in the Seductive Mixtape Series posts.  Let me know what songs that I might have missed.  Feel free to hit me up at [email protected] with your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.  Feel the music, live the music!!Dante D.

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