National “How Come There’s No White History Month” Officially Begins

Black folks, it’s that time of the year again.  It’s time to rejoice & witness the celebration of countless white people all across America who will be flooding social media with with the classic question stating, “How come there’s no white history month?”  Ever since our youth we’ve been tricked into thinking that February was about the celebration of black history.  We’ve been lied to.  February is all about pandering to the white feels as they spend 28 days (sometimes 29) wondering how come nobody appears to gives a damn about white history.  The reason why this celebration is so important is because this great moment in American culture ONLY happens during the month of February.  White people will spend 11 months out of the year not even thinking about how come there is no official white history month, but as soon as February rolls around to celebrate black history…here comes the white feels brigade.  You gotta love it.

The reason why white people feel so offended about not having a white history month ONLY during the month of February is because they don’t want YOU (black person) to celebrate black history.  That’s it.  They don’t want black people to have something uniquely ours or else they feel like reverse racism is being practiced on them (whatever the hell that means).

Side Note:  In order to have “reverse racism”, then there MUST be a standard straight forward racism.  So for all the white folks who love to say “racism is over” but yet scream “reverse racism”…well, just you merely acknowledging the alleged existence of reverse racism by default means you acknowledge the exist of just plain ole regular racism.  See how this works? 🙃

But yes, a lot of black folks reading this are saying to themselves, “But white history is celebrated year round!  That’s why there is no white history month!”  Yes, you & I both know this already as do a lot of white people.  But you have to remember who you are dealing with here.  White people who complain about the lack of a white history month don’t give a fuck about white history in the first place…hence the classic argument about the Confederate flag representing “Southern heritage”….but purposely ignoring the Southern heritage of slavery which that flag was designed to represent & maintain.  So, let’s not confuse things when it comes to these people.  They simply do not want YOU, the black person, to have any sort of recognition that doesn’t involve celebrating whiteness.  Plain & simple.  That’s it.

So, now you know.  Now properly prepare because they are coming fast & hard all month long.

Your favorite mulatto.


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