Sorry, But I Don’t Feel Empathy For These Muslims

President Trump has been one busy man this week just handing everybody who is basically not a straight white male that work.  He’s got millions of white women pissed off, Latinos pissed off, LGBT community pissed off, Native Americans pissed off, Muslims pissed off, other countries around the world pissed off…dude has been getting busy within just the first week of his Presidency.  Seriously, this was LITERALLY just his first week on the job.  Imagine how the remainder of his Presidency shall proceed.

With all of that taking place, I got to admit, I’m seriously struggling over here to figure out how in the world I can come up with 1 single fuck to give to show empathy & support for all of these people he’s royally pissed off.  I’m seriously struggling over here.  The reason why I’m struggling so hard is because there are simply way too many brutalized and/or dead black bodies unjustly harmed/killed due to the hands of the police where no justice whatsoever has come forth that are preventing me from giving a damn about all of these other groups of people.  I’m just being real with you.  How many black bodies have we witnessed being brutalized or killed on film just within the last 6 years or so by the police where no justice was brought forth?  How many people that are highly upset with Trump were not showing black society any love when we hit the streets to declare Black Lives Matter?  How many of these people Trump has pissed off were declaring Colin Kaepernick a traitor for taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO?  How many of these people ever really gave a damn about the cries of black society when we were yelling at the top of our damn lungs that black people are STILL treated like shit in this country?  But now that The Donald has stepped in to let the rest of these people know that they can get that work too, now it’s a problem.  Now I’m supposed to show empathy & support when none of that empathy & support has ever been reciprocated.  I guess that’s the game we’re supposed to be playing now.  Nah B.  The game that needs to be played is…hold your own nuts.

I mean, let’s just keep it real here.  As long as that bitch that is responsible for the death of Emmett Till is still alive living the rest of her life out free of any justice being sought against her, then why should anybody from black society give a damn about what all of these other people are going through?  I mean at the end of the day, be glad you’re not black.

Your favorite mulatto.


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