Seductive Mixtape Series #19: Playing with Some Passion

May this year bring you much love and success…as well as more from the Seductive Mixtape Series. It has been a while since I last published a blog post highlighting some of my picks for some soul-twisting sex or chilling meditative background music. Well, new year, new focus..and more songs to get your mind right.

I have debated on which one I was going to do first, but I was feeling some type of way as I started typing. I have been devoid of some true passionate lovemaking for a while. That is my problem to deal with, but it got me thinking of a few songs that I wouldn’t mind playing in the background as I twist and turn with someone special with blissful sweat and coy eye gazes, per se. I’m talking about some ol’ energetic, hard-kissing, tear-the-mf-sheets-off-da-bed, “I missed you” lovemaking that leaves you satisfied, dehydrated, and thirsty for a round two…after a nap.

Anyway, the songs below came to mind, and may they find their way into your playlists and mixtapes as you enjoy your significant other, side piece, new lover, cuff buddy…whatever.

Song #1 – Burn Out by TGT

True story – Many years ago, when I first signed up for a Twitter account, I tweeted Tevin Campbell and said something like, “Bruh, the world needs your musical talent again. You should join up with Ginuwine and Tyrese and start a group.” I bullshit you not, TGT’s album was released a week later. Well, Tevin Campbell wasn’t the other T in the group, but Tank was. These three brothers did their thing…I can’t hate on that. It was a great idea to come together and give their individual fans something different while they collectively gained new ones with their sincere stories of love.

I first heard the song “Burn Out” recently and paused everything I was doing just to figure out who it was. The percussion to me is what made this song so exciting to me. Did you catch the Jodeci “Ohh yeah” and the Michael Jackson allusions? Anyway, this song allowed all of their unique sounds to come together as a firm fist of a powerful song. Good job. I can see myself turning this song on as I close the bedroom door to get the “party” started. Yep, I just had a visual.

Song #2 – My Body by LSG

Before there was TGT, there was LSG (Levert-Sweat-Gill). Definitely the model that TGT followed, this group was kinda like the Voltron of male R&B singers in the late 90s. Think about it…three crooners, that were powerhouses by themselves, formed together to become a movement of soul, seduction, and sexy songs that shook plenty of draws off….I assume. Have you heard their albums? The first was better than the second, but the first one had hits like My Side of the Bed and All the Times. Who can forget All the Times? You know the one with Coko, Missy Elliot, and Faith Evans!!!

Whew! Let me calm down from my brief moment of nostalgia to give a lil commentary about their debut hit on their first album (also named LSG) titled, “My Body”. I like the way the song started with that warble feel to it. Then…then…then….the three members of the group (wearing all black in the video) hit you with that smooth coolness as they tell you what they need…what they want. Smooth coolness indeed. No competition….just cooperation. (RIP Gerald Levert)

I remember multiple frats and sororities doing the “sexy” part of their step routines to this song that year. LOL…..Shout out to Tuskegee University and the step shows in the Chappie James Building.

Song #3 – Come Inside by Intro

Who can forget the long ass intro of this song? See what I did there? Long ass intro of an Intro song? Well anyway, some dings play in the background of the intro as one of guys asks to enter a young lady’s place before the musical buildup into a song that talks about yearning and guaranteed satisfaction. This is another one of those songs that told the person that you were playing it for that it was on…fa sho!! (I actually have this as the first song on Side A of one of my actual old school mixtapes. Awww…the memories…)

My favorite part of the song was, “I want to slip and slide/dip and dive/do everything/to make it alright…tonight…iiight…iiightight”. LOL….l also like the call and answer feel of the chorus with the group and the ladies accompanying them. I saw a review of this song on YouTube which said that songs of this type “could be bluntly talking about sex but still make it sound romantic, special, and sweet”. Very true…very true indeed. We need more songs like this today that are direct, yet respectful at the same time. Bold, yet beautiful. Seductive, yet sweet! Enjoy as you reminisce what (or who) you were doing back in day as this song played.

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