Melania Trump: The Ultimate Hustler

You all can clown Melania Trump all you want, but the reality is, Melania Trump just might be the hustler of the century.  True story.

Melania Trump started life in some no-name city in a country that was once dominated by the U.S.S.R.  She’s a college dropout who speaks 6 languages who later went on to become a model showing off her tig ol’ bitties, to marrying an international billionaire businessman who has an obsession with grabbing women by the pussy, to becoming the 1st Lady of the United States….all by the age of 46.  No matter how you choose to look at it, Melania Trump came ALL THE WAY UP to the point where she can’t go any further.  Seriously, what else is left to do?

Meanwhile, all of you Instagram & Facebook models are at home laying up next to Lazy Larry hoping & praying that somebody likes your pictures or watches one of your Facebook live videos while daydreaming about becoming the next reality tv hoodrat star.

So what’s the lesson to be learned here?

Sure we can throw out white privilege being on her side as a potential factor for helping her to get where she’s at in life, I guess.  But what if she just figured out the game on how to make that coochie do what it do?  We all know the power of the p-u-s-s-y but most of you women out there have such low expectations that you’ll use the power of your coochie to attempt to lock a nigga down like Dingy Daryll because he got some big rims, a nice little Jordan collection going on & he occasionally tosses you a few coins to get your hair & nails done.  Meanwhile, there is an abundance of white women out there using their coochies to secure power, wealth & influence by any means necessary.  Look at Kim Kardashian for crying out loud.  Every move she’s made has been extremely calculated to get her to where she’s at to this very day.  Her sex tape being released set the wheels in motion for her to make more money for simply being famous than her family had ever made when her father was alive working as a lawyer.  Kim is so damn rich & famous that Kanye is kind of fucking her brand & truth be told, Kim doesn’t even need Kanye to keep the money flowing.  But my point is this, a lot of these white women aren’t playing games out in these streets when it comes to using that coochie as a means to securing power, wealth & influence.  Sadly, too many black women are.  All of these damn near bucked naked pictures a lot of you post on Instagram are not about to secure you a baller of any sort…just a bunch of useless likes & hearts that don’t translate into a damn thing monetarily in most cases.  But hey, I ain’t mad cha, I’ll toss you a like every now & then.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump went from a no-name town in Eastern Europe to a $100M penthouse in Manhattan all the way to White House, and you, well…still chasing social media fame & knee grows with nigga trinkets.

Your favorite mulatto.
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