Dear Rob Kardashian…Don’t…Just Don’t

Onyx Contributor:  H.T. (@Awkblerd), Podcast:  Lansing Anti-Hero

First, let me start by congratulating Rob Kardashian on the birth of his daughter, Dream.  Fatherhood for anybody is a struggle, and I know he’s got his work cut out for him.  However, when it comes to his ex and the mother of his child, I have this to say to him:  don’t fucking go crawling back.

Honestly, I feel sorry for Rob as it’s clear he’s never had a strong adult influence in his life since his father died, let alone a strong male influence as really anyone with empathy, eyes, and critical thinking could break down that Rob apologizing for someone clearly using him and guilting him with HIS problems is wrong.  Don’t get me wrong, Rob does need to get help for his problems, but he also needs help from someone who actually gives an honest shit about him.  Don’t forget, the reason we’re all so shocked by Rob’s weight gain is because HIS OWN FAMILY booted him off their reality show once he started gaining weight.

Can Rob be a bit of a fuck at times?  Yes, as it’s alleged that Rob cheated on his ex fiance Rita Ora with porn stars.  But now the guy has bigger problems that need to be tackled.  He needs mental health, he needs to lose weight, he needs to prepare for how to take care of another human life.  And frankly, I don’t think Blac Chyna is cut out to help him with that.

What’s even sadder, is that he’s basically in the same boat in regards to his family, but what else is new?  Really, the only man connected to the Kardashians that I can honestly say walked away happier after was Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner as frankly, she’s walking in her own truth now.  But really, every other guy you can think of left them either mentally unwell or with no real career to speak of.  And this is what this guy grew up watching as being normal:  giving up dignity for fame.

I’m not saying having sex on tape robs someone of their dignity.  I am saying being famous with no tangible talent or note of fame aside from friends with Paris Hilton, who was already rich is kinda sad.  I am saying that at the very minimum, Kim pre-surgery could have been a model easy.  I am saying that as a guy, it must really suck to know that the name your father built up as a great attorney, however questionable the guilt of his most famous client, is being replaced by your mother taking a private sex tape of your sister and making that what your name is associated with.  I understand fame, but…not like this…not like this.

But what can you do?  Honestly, Rob grew up seeing the kind of ruthless need and moves for fame in his own mother, Kris.  And even she has made a few questionable choices aside from the sex tape.

I grew up with parents who used to date and yes, were close to getting married before breaking up and having me.  I can honestly relate to Rob as I grew up with a mother who clearly didn’t know how to keep drama from affecting my dad and for the most part, me.  I can’t tell you how many times I watched my mom use me or just go out of her way to make my father’s life a living hell to maintain getting what she wants, all while embarrassing the shit out of me because she kept getting close to just about every male authority figure I had throughout grade school.  Bothering him at his job, lying on me and my dad, flirting with every guy that taught me in school to where the simp-made motherfuckers were making up shit I did or said to get on her good side.  Shit’s a nightmare.  But at the same time, I learned that you shouldn’t take being a parent lightly and you should be particular with who you choose to have kids with.

At no point should a father raise his kid thinking this kind of shit is normal.  Have her be a model, be a singer, learn some sort of tangible talent from the few people in her family who have one, but for the love of dignity, don’t fucking don’t let the emotions you call love or some need to create a happy home for your kid lead you to cosign her fuckery.  Honestly, if I were him, I’d get custody and hope for the best as honestly, as much as you or I could ever shit on how questionably moral the actions of the Kardashians are, it would still be WAY less fucked up than what Blac Chyna could expose his daughter to.

I get that Rob is lonely and wants to find the kind of love he didn’t find in his exes or speculatively him mom, but I say this as a man who’s been in a similar situation, don’t pine after a woman who you can GOOGLE proof of her being a harbinger of dysfunction to his life.  I too fell for a woman who had a lot of problems, but because we’re friends, she sat me down and told me to not hold out for her.  I think this is his sign.  Don’t get me wrong, I get that they have a kid together, but at no point does that mean you have to be in a romantic relationship with the person you have a kid with.  Since obviously he’s well past the second par, at the very least he should stand up for himself and his daughter and not let her bring him down, and definitely not let his daughter grow up thinking that acting like Blac Chyna is normal by giving in to her actions.

For those of you who think what I am saying is sexist or misogynistic, please understand that I say all this from a place of honest concern.  If Rob had a serious drug problem or some other child endangering issue, I’d do the same as I’m doing here.  But I say this because, I on lower scales have seen this situation a thousand times:  a troubled but decent guy falling for and ultimately having kids with a really fucked up woman.  Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t because she’s a stripper.  It’s because she admittedly has problems and works to stay in the spotlight because or in spite of them.  Hell, there’s legit porn stars with kids who have way less messy lives than her.

Seriously, Rob, don’t go out like this.

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