Pro-Blacks Who Know Nothing About Being Pro-Black

I’m just going to be honest with you here, most pro-blacks you find online are only pro-black just to rack up social media approbation.  That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Being pro-black is rather fashionable, figuratively & literally.  If you can get online to prove to the world just how pro-black you are are & how you are standing up to white supremacy, you’ll be showered with a lot of love.  A lot of hate may follow you as well, but definitely a lot of love from like-minded people whom are seeking some sort of self-esteem validation online as well.  But once you peel back that the layers to determine just how “pro-black” a lot of these pro-blacks actually are, you’ll quickly discover that a bunch of them have absolutely no fucking idea what it means to be pro-black beyond just parroting pro-black catch phrases & sharing pro-black imagery on social media.  A lot of these people are nothing more than a joke whose pro-blackness will never leave the confines of their Facebook or Twitter accounts.  A lot of these people have no desire to truly understand what it means to be pro-black or black first when it comes to progressive black thought.  They just honestly want to cling onto a social media personality who can speak that pro-black shit to make them feel better about their pathetic existence in life.  And that’s the truth.

I recently found myself entertaining, yet again, another FB debate about something related to whether a person was cooning or not and I was quickly met by two so-called pro-blacks who immediately chanted “black first” and that “black people need to be on code!”  Now, being the highly intelligent knee grow I am, I went into dumb nigga mode to pretend like I had no idea what those terms meant & then I began to ask these two “black intellectuals” to explain what “black first” and “being on code” meant.  All that proceeded was an endless onslaught of comment after comment from these two black dudes telling me shit like, “You should already know!” or “I don’t have time to explain it to you!”  No lie, the thread went on & on with me never getting a response.  So I did the smarty arty knee grow thing and proceeded to explain what those terms meant just in case some random reading the thread honestly believed I had no idea what it meant & in case this random needed an explanation as well.  So here’s basically what I said to these two “pro-blacks”:

When black people say “black people need to get on code” they are referencing back to Dr. Claud Anderson, author of Powernomics, where Dr. Claud Anderson basically states that black people are powerless to do anything until a real black economy can be established.  The power derived from this economy will be used to affect political, socioeconomic, civil & educational changes and standards, etc.  This “code” that some black people refer to speaks to black people not being able to financially punish black people who “get out of line” in regards to progressive black thought or black values that promote the positive growth of black society…hence the term “black first”.  If there was an economy, the theory states, black society would have the power to economically punish people like Stacey Dash & Sheriff David Clarke anytime they decided to open up their mouths to talk recklessly about black society.  The same would hold true for anybody black people suspected of cooning, like Steve Harvey.  But since there isn’t any black economy, there is no code.  It’s just endless talk about “we need to be on code” but very few discussions about the actual process of practicing black economic empowerment so that one day, this “code” could possibly come to fruition for those who believe that a code needs to be implemented badly.

Don’t be fooled by black people and their online pro-blackness.  If you really want to see just how pro-black these knee grows are, just ask them to simply explain a concept they are parroting to you in an elementary way in their OWN WORDS.  If you get bombarded with random nigga-babble talmbout, “you should already know”, “you just practicing self-hate”, “white supremacy, white supremacy, white supremacy” or simply more parroting from their favorite social media black thought leader, then understand this knee grow knows absolutely shit about what it means to be pro-black.  They are just following the trend because they fear being labeled a coon for using common sense (even if they didn’t do anything worthy of being labeled a coon) than they do of actually trying to understand what in the hell it really means to live a pro-black lifestyle in every since of the word.

You can use that as opportunity to help inform these idiots, but more than likely you will be met with resistance because nobody likes to look foolish online.  We all have our online reputations to maintain as if that shit actually means something in real life in most instances.  The other option is to just write these dumb follower ass niggas off because all of their talk about being pro-black will NEVER amount to anything in the real world that black society could actually benefit from.  It is way easier to TALK about being pro-black online than it is to actually live a pro-black life in the real world.  Don’t fall for the okedoke people.  Ask questions before just cosigning these knee grows.

P.S.  Some will read this and swear up & down that I hate black people, I’m trying to separate myself from black people because I’m a mulatto, or I exude self-hate (another excuse these fake ass pro-blacks use when they can’t articulate shit)…but the reality is, I’m simply tired of black society entertaining dumb niggas simply because these knee grows are black & have just enough knowledge to work a keyboard to type the words “pro-black”, “black empowerment”, or “black first” online…but can’t explain shit beyond that.  These idiots do black society a grave disservice towards progression.

Your favorite mulatto.

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