If Martin Luther King Jr. Was Alive Today, He Would Be Considered a Coon

In today’s world of so-called “woke” knee grows, it doesn’t take much for one to be labeled a coon.  Seriously, the slightest infraction that any random knee grow thinks you’ve committed against the progression of black society will automatically get you tossed on the coon train without hesitation.  Just ask Steve Harvey.

No lie, you could be having an argument with another black person over whether or not the tv show Friends is better than Living Single and if you say Friends is better, you’ve just purchased a non-refundable ticket onto the coon train where a fresh batch of warm buttery biscuits await you.  That’s how silly this thing has gotten with black folks just all willy nilly tossing the word coon out there.  Sad part is, most probably have no idea what that word actually means & why some black people rightfully deserve to be called a coon…i.e.:  Stacey Dash, Sheriff David Clarke & a whole bunch of other knee grows who have gone above & beyond in recent years to prove that cooning is here to stay & it pays.

But for those of you who actually know what the word coon means, it makes me wonder if our great Civil Right’s leader Martin Luther King, Jr. fits today’s definition of what a coon is.  If a young MLK was alive today running around attempting to create change in the exact same manner with the exact same messages he did 50 years ago, I wonder if black society would have tossed him on the coon train?  Sadly, I believe that plenty of black people would tossed him on the coon train the moment he opened up his mouth to start talking about…

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

So it begs the question then, how come so many black people love & cherish the legacy of MLK today?  Of course, a few of you will tell me that it’s because white society decided to idolize him (after killing him), so you know black people can’t seem to think on their own even in terms of deciding whom to celebrate & whom to not celebrate.  I guess that’s a fair conclusion.  But what if the legacy of MLK being so highly cherished by black folks of today is simply because MLK was genuinely a great man who literally went to his grave fighting for black people, but he just went about it in a different way that wasn’t so “pro black”?  YES, I know prior to his death his message started to get more pro-black in terms of him wanting to demand reparations, but the reality is, he didn’t live very long afterwards to where that version of MLK outshined the many years he spent working towards developing white allies to help get things done.  The mere fact that he was so dependent upon the help of white allies (which he didn’t have much of a choice in that day in age in my opinion) would be considered damn near treason amongst black society in modern times.  MLK going to the White House to convince President Lyndon B. Johnson, an unapologetic racist, to get these white folks off of black folk’s asses down in Alabama is damn near the equivalent in some aspects to that of Steve Harvey going to pay Donald Trump a visit in Trump Towers to discuss ways to go about dealing with the issues plaguing many impoverished urban communities.

B-b-but Steve ain’t no leader, he ain’t no activist & he damn sholl ain’t no MLK!  He’s just a comedian!”  — random black person reading this post.

I understand all of that.  Trust me I do.  My point in even making that comparison was to say that no matter what black person regardless of their background that goes to meet with Trump, in today’s climate, they run the risk of being tossed on the coon train as well.  If Trump wanted to meet with Ray-Ray from around the way to talk about if Dunkin Donuts is better than Krispy Kreme donuts, Ray-Ray’s black ass would be tossed on the coon train immediately.

So, it makes you wonder how come so many knee grows who are quick to call a black person a coon without any justification or any actual proof to prove that another black person should be convicted of cooning are so quick to celebrate & cherish the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.?  By today’s standards, Martin Luther King, Jr. should have been the greatest coon to have ever lived.

Your favorite mulatto.

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