Should Mulatto People Be Classified As Our Own Race?

One argument that I tend to see over & over coming from mulattos is if whether or not mulattos should be classified as our own race.  Well, should we?  Truthfully, I don’t know.  Exactly how would this work?

Here’s the thing:  when you examine the white race, black race or any other race of people in the world, these people have the ability to create another human being of that exact same race.  Mulattos can’t.  A mulatto is simply a person who has a white parent & a black parent.  A mulatto person cannot procreate with another mulatto person and create a mulatto baby.  That’s not possible.  That’s not how this thing works.  We, for the lack of a better word, are unique.  So in terms of creating a race under the belief that this “race” is capable of creating offspring that shall be capable of creating more offspring to further grow the race, well, that’s just not something we as mulattos can do.  So in the traditional sense of defining a race of people, I don’t see this happening.

To further complicate the issue of whether mulattos should be classified as our own race, well, exactly how would our children be classified?  Take me for instance, I’m married to a black woman.  I have 2 kids with my wife.  My 2 sons are just as light as me even though my wife is a brown skin woman.  Regardless of how light my 2 sons are, they are not mulattos.  They could technically be classified as a quadroon, which is a person who is one-quarter black by descent.  When my 2 sons grow up to have their own children, technically their kids could be classified as octoroons, which are people who are one-eight black by descent…and so on & so on (well, I guess quadroons & octoroons pertain to people who look white or white-passing, so maybe my kids won’t actually fit those definitions..who knows).  Point is, this shit could possibly get hella confusing to the point where I just don’t believe it is really necessary to classify mulattos as our own race.  I think it’s just easier to say something cheesy like, “I’m a special blend” and leave it at that.  I mean seriously, I have no real answer for this.  I know that those who specifically choose to identify as biracial are pushing extremely hard to have “biracial” be classified as its own race, which in my opinion would probably be a lot easier than that of a “mulatto race” simply because biracial is a way more broad term than that of mulatto.  A biracial person can be a person whose parents are of two different races, it can be a person who has one parent that is a direct mix of two different races & the other parent is of one race (like my sons), and so on.  But where the confusion might come in for biracials is the argument that damn near all black people who descended from slaves could possibly be classified as biracial as well due to all of the rape from white people onto slaves that was taking place during slavery.  So you see how confusing this shit can get for people trying to push the “mulatto & biracial people being classified as our own race” argument?

I get the need for wanting to stand out & be proud because we are not white & a lot of us have never been viewed as black enough to the point where a lot of us may have felt that we have never truly fit in with any group, but I just think it’s way simpler to avoid unnecessary confusion as it relates directly to us mulattos in trying to pursue an actual classification of a mulatto race.  I was going to insert an example comparing us to a special line of cars from an automaker like how the Bugatti is its own line that falls up under the Volkswagen brand, but then I thought about how the Spanish/Portuguese etymology for mulatto is essentially the word mule…so maybe comparing us to a lifeless object probably wouldn’t be the best idea.  Anyways, if anybody out there can come up with a better way to explain this than I can, feel free to do so in the comments.

Your favorite mulatto.


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