“Black American Money” by Dr. Boyce Watkins

If you are a member of black society and you have no idea who Dr. Boyce Watkins is, then you are really missing out on an opportunity to truly soak up knowledge from a man who has been educated to the highest levels & turned his passion for education into a thriving business dedicated to teaching black people how to survive & thrive financially either as an entrepreneur or simply by understanding how money works.  Out of all of the black voices in America that black society tends to admire, Dr. Boyce Watkins is probably the most underrated in terms of actual applicable knowledge a novice in any area of life could apply to produce near real time results in their lives.  For this reason is why I personally admire Dr. Boyce Watkins because he doesn’t just talk about things purely from an intellectual standpoint like most other scholars or black voices tend to do, he actually goes about implementing the things he says along with teaching others how to do it as well.  For this reason alone is why more black people need to be supportive of this man’s endeavors because his literal mission in life is to empower the black community through tangible actions that damn near anybody can implement on some level.  I admire this guy so much, that I advertise his business on my website just to show my support for what he is constantly striving to accomplish.

Black American Money

Black American Money by Dr. Boyce Watkins is not a book trying to purely educate black people on concepts & definitions related to money.  Black American Money is a book written for the sole purpose of getting black society to understand how & why black society is in its current predicament stemming from the financial pillaging of African slaves which resulted in a few hundred years worth of free labor which later propelled America to become the current economic superpower it presently is today.  One of the things I really like about Black American Money is how Dr. Boyce Watkins constantly addresses how white society as a whole has benefitted off of slavery & institutional racism as it relates to current conditions affecting children growing up in inner cities to professional black people trying not to let their “blackness” offend corporate America & academia.  Instead of just going the stereotypical route of playing the “woe iz me…I’z such a victim” game, he steadily reinforces his belief that regardless of how black society got to where black society is today financially, black people still have the power to change the direction by understanding the value of an education combined with a thorough understanding of why America functions in the manner that it does under this system of capitalism.  Basically Dr. Boyce Watkins stresses to black society that black people cannot get so hung up on the atrocities (slavery, Jim Crow, school to prison pipeline, racism, etc) of the past & present that these atrocities becomes one’s central focus in life to where a black person may spend endless hours trying to convince white society to feel shame for the system their ancestors put in place.  Rather, Dr. Boyce Watkins prefers for black people to understand how these atrocities came to be in the first place, how these atrocities have & continue to affect black society, and then use the pain of these atrocities to light an economic fire so that future generations will not have to deal with this same issues (hopefully) we are presently dealing with today.  Everything Dr. Boyce Watkins teaches is mainly from the standpoint of laying down a foundation for future generations to benefit from, not necessarily you the individual in the present day.

In the end, I highly encourage every black person to read Black American Money.  You will not be disappointed, rather you will become more enlightened from the financial aspect for how & why racism exists to the point where you should finish the book motivated to really begin the process of true change that can actually produce real results for your family & black society as a whole.

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