Which Type of Black Person Will You Be in 2017?

When it comes to the struggles of black society, it seems there are endless issues coming from every angle that can really wear a person down physically & mentally.  The obvious omnipresent issue that trumps all is the dominating force of white supremacy that has crept into every facet of life globally.  But the other issues that can equally be just as frustrating & draining are dealing with shit amongst black people.  I’m not talking about black on black crime issues.  I’m specifically talking about how you as a black person choose to engage in the war against white supremacy.

So come 2017, which black person will you become?

The Coon

Back in January I did a podcast titled, “2016 Shall Be The Year Of The Super Coon” and I’m not much a fan of patting myself on the back, but I believe it is fair to state that cooning became normalized this year.  Coons have always been present & making themselves known, but the level of coonery & buffoonery graduated to a level comparable to that of full blown white supremacists coming out of their closets unapologetically.  Things were getting so bad earlier in the year that I started a segment on the Brown Liquor Experience podcasts called C.O.W. (Coon Of the Week) to identify the latest unapologetic coon who came out at the whiff of a butter biscuit.  I can’t really recall anytime in my life where I’ve seen so many black people proud to uphold the system of white supremacy as if these knee grows themselves aren’t black.  And this sickness wasn’t just reserved for your endless array of rich & famous coondalini knee grows being paraded on television like Stacey Dash & Charles Barkley…this mental illness crept all the way down to your average everyday nobody knee grow who discovered the power of the LIKE button when they got on social media to coon it up real good.  The sad thing is, it’s not simply that they are being rewarded with a coveted pat on the head for cooning, it’s that these knee grows have honestly convinced themselves that it’s EVERY OTHER BLACK PERSON who is the problem and not them as if when they look in the mirror their mind projects an image of a caucasian.  And now that Trump will become the next President combined with the endless coons who blindly supported his campaign, these every day average regular coons will continue to feel more embolden to the point that more coons will be coming out of the wood line strumming their banjos & doing a jig.

The Super Duper Pro Black Knee Grow

The next category that emerged heavy on the scene in 2017 are the super duper pro black knee grows.  These are the knee grows who think & see the world so black that they might as well just be blind and walk around in a world of complete darkness like Ray Charles.  These knee grows can’t have a simple conversation about the taste of water without finding a way blame the taste of water on white supremacy.  Aside from literally everything imaginable being the white man’s fault, these niggas love to blame everything on black women as well.  They are so successful at blaming black women that they recruit countless other black women to blame black women.  Nothing is ever these niggas fault.  Nothing.  Black on black crime…single black women.  Black men being abusive to black women…it’s the black woman’s fault for choosing that guy.  Niggas aren’t raising their kids…it’s black women’s fault for choosing this nigga.  Niggas slanging dope, going to jail, getting killed by the cops, can’t get a job, being racially profiled…it’s all black women’s fault.  The reason white supremacy exists…blame it on black women while you’re at it.  Seriously, these niggas will join these Facebook groups & watch these videos on YouTube by these self-proclaimed Bliggity Blackety Black-Black, I’m the Blackest nigga alive “gurus” who make non-stop videos attempting to sound extra intelligent because they’ve mastered the art of over-talking people and these niggas who follow these people honestly believe that they have now graduated to a higher plane of critical thinking.  Reality is, they are just looking to follow a person who has no problem blaming everything on black women because these niggas have severe mommy issues.  Everything they find fault with in regards to black women is merely just a projection of their own disgust with their own mothers most of the time.  The stay calling black women hoes, sluts, whores, bastard baby makers…well, chances are their mother was all of these things.  If not, the first chick to break their hearts at an early age probably was.  But the bottom line is, these knee grows aren’t really all too concerned with white supremacy like they pretend to be online.  Their biggest issue is black women.  They honestly cannot stand the thought of a black woman not depending upon them for survival.  They honestly cannot stand the thought of a black woman expressing her own ideals on what it means to be a black woman on her own terms.  The only women they attract to their following are women with extreme low self-esteem whom are desperate for attention from any man no matter how dumb this nigga may actually be.  Bashing black women on a daily basis is their only mission in life.  They’ll try to frame the “conversation” as criticizing black women in order to get them to see the error in their ways, but these niggas aren’t fooling anybody.  Funny, cause these are the same niggas who love to tout “we’re the members of Intelligent Black Society”.  Reality is, these niggas hate black women.  These knee grows will only tolerate a certain type of black woman & this type of black woman can be found right HERE.

The Blacktivist

When I see these knee grows marching up the street or down my timeline on social media, the first thing that comes to my mind is Tevin Campbell’s Round and Round song.  These knee grows will get online and point every injustice known to man kind and attempt to shame you for not paying attention to the issue no matter if you don’t give a damn or you are just overloaded with social issue after social issue.  These knee grows attempt to weaponize tweets & status updates under the belief that they are actually doing things to combat the system of white supremacy.  They honestly think that if their tweet goes viral & gets 50-leven million LIKES that they just struck a life threatening blow to the giant known as white supremacy.  These blacktivists have no real agenda other than trying to rack up social media fame so that they can become the next Deray McKesson or Shaun King.  Granted, I will give them credit for discussing critical issues that affect black society, but…that’s all they do.  They’ll talk about one issue, then another & another & another…same scenarios in most cases with the exact same outcomes.  Nothing they have done has ever caused any real tangible change on any level.  Now I’ll admit, for a minute I was a part of this group to a degree but after a while I couldn’t take trying to discuss the same shit over & over from a different angle to appear all extra arty smarty in the hopes of getting my social media following up…because like I mentioned earlier, the real goal is to rack up social media followers but never actually accomplish anything tangible.

The White Ally Chaser

A subgroup of the Blacktivists are the white ally chasers.  These are the knee grows who feel it is their moral responsibility to either educate white people about racism or to seek out white people to do the educating on their behalf.  They spend ridiculous amounts of unnecessary time online “preaching” to white people about how evil white supremacy can be as if these white people honestly don’t know this shit by now.  I’m not totally immune from this group as well.  I have quite a few articles on this site published by white ally chasers & so-called white allies who long to be seen as the next Tim Wise for simply repeating shit black people have been saying since forever now.  So, I guess I’m guilty in promoting this foolishness too, but I’ve never gone out of my way to attract white allies as if I need them to somehow translate the struggles of being black on my behalf.  That was never my thing at all.  But the knee grows who choose to accept their role as a white ally chaser, these knee grows deep down inside are seeking white acceptance over that of the eradication of white supremacy.  Sure, they will frame their message often times to appear to be coming down hard on white supremacy and how white people need to get their shit together, but the reality is, they are really trying to gain a following of the white guilt crowd to help promote them to social media social justice warrior god status because simply just preaching the good word to black folks isn’t effective & nor does it pay…unless you venture down the avenue of the super duper pro black knee grow, then a few dollars might be sent your way so as long as you can create the next blackety black product to convince black people that they are…black.  But that’s not the white ally chasers agenda.  They are purely interested in racking up white folks so that these white folks can elevate their social media status.  That’s it.

The “We Need to Practice Group Economics” Whisperer

This group of knee grows are all over the place as well, but they mainly pop up around major holidays like Black Friday or Christmas to demand that black people support black owned businesses.  Now I don’t disagree with that message at all but the issue that nobody likes to talk about is that most of these knee grows ONLY like to SAY they support black owned businesses but don’t actually support black owned businesses outside of a barber shop or beauty salon.  I mean seriously, who are we kidding here.  If the support of black owned businesses was on & popping like that, then how come there is an endless campaign month after month & year after year to remind black people to support black owned businesses?  And I’m not just blaming the lack of support on the “we need to practice group economics” whisperers; we are all to blame in this.  It’s just the whisperers often times are the LOUDEST about showing support but I bet if you examined their life outside of the carefully selected pictures they choose to display on social media, I’m willing to bet the vast majority of their money goes right back to non-black people in some form or another.  Their real goal is to attempt to shame you for not publicly declaring on social media that you support black businesses.  That’s it.  Not whether or not you actually do, but for you simply not getting online and yelling to everybody at the top of your lungs that you support black owned businesses.  That’s it.

The Quite Knee Grow

These are the knee grows who don’t really say much of anything in regards to white supremacy or any type of social issue.  These knee grows are simply just trying to earn some money, pay their bills, take care of their loved ones & call it a life.  They understand the concept of white supremacy and they more than likely understand that all of this online crying & complaining isn’t going to change anything.  This group doesn’t have any solutions & they are not convinced about the solutions the others are spewing.  They don’t know what the hell needs to be done to fix the situation and they are really not trying to give an opinion one way or another because then that would mean they would have to pick a group other than the quite knee grow category to fall in which would mean that they would have to conform the behaviors of those groups.  These knee grows ain’t got time for that & I don’t really blame them.

The Who Gives a Fuck Knee Grow

These knee grows don’t give a fuck.  It’s all about getting money & nigga trinkets.  So as long as they got their latest Jordans, Gucci belts, a few dollars to flash in a picture on social media to rack up some LIKES….life is good.  To be honest, this is probably the biggest group of all.  Preaching to these knee grows is a futile effort.

And Then There Is Me

This knee grow at one point was a combination of all of these other knee grows to a degree.  This knee grow has grown tired of all these other knee grows.  This knee grow doesn’t see the point in arguing the same shit over & over or trying to attract a loyal following of people to help promote his agenda, nor will he ever fully understand the nigga trinket crowd.  This knee just places more value in getting his shit completely together as much as possible (finances, credit score, education, assets, health, etc) so that he can actually go about the business of trying to properly fight white supremacy on some actual level that is tangible beyond just mere tweets, status updates & YouTube videos.  This knee grow plans on entering 2017 focusing on him & his family and learning some more real shit that can actually be of immediate use to other people who are willing to attain the information.  I mean, at the end of the day, what else can this knee grow actually do beyond that?  This knee grow is not marching up and down the street to protest.  This knee grow is not about to go film the next “great” blackety black documentary.  This knee grow is not looking to become some conscious thought leader of any sort.  This knee grow just wants to take care of his family on a high level and occasionally blog or podcast about some shit related to society simply because he has an opinion whether you agree with the shit or not.

So which black person will you be heading into 2017 as?

Your favorite mulatto.
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