Dear Black Women, Black Men Are Not Interested In Dating Broke Black Women

Some article written 5 years ago on some website I’ve never heard of popped up on my timeline today with the heading,  DEAR BLACK MEN:  IT IS NOT A BLACK WOMAN’S JOB TO BE WITH YOU WHILE YOU STRUGGLE.  To this day, the article & the mentality is still going strong as far as I can tell.

To save you some time from the endless clicks on this article (a strategy some bloggers use to inflate their website hit numbers), this article basically states that if you are a “real” man, you as the “real” man needs to be prepared to take on the bread winner role without relying on your woman to help out.  That’s the gist of the entire article, to which I can somewhat agree on that premise alone because that’s kind of how things are in my household for the most part.

The main issue I have with the article are these four sentences right here:

“Men seem to equate being a broke man the same as being a broke woman.  It’s not the same.  A woman can be broke and look 4 a man who is a provider to start a family with.  That is the way God intended it to be.”

No, that’s the way hoodrats intend for it to be.

I don’t know exactly what happened in 2016, but it seems like 2016 became the year that the hoodrats declared that their God-given right to live life as a hoodrat be praised on the same level as that of an actual woman.  This year also became the year of men running around like Usain Bolt to join the moisture mafia to cosign any & every thing coming out of a woman’s mouth regardless of how dumb that shit may be just to show solidarity with women….which amounted to be nothing but an act for trying to get some pussy.  Sad turn of events in my opinion.  Luckily for you all, I’m not with the bullshit.  So let’s get into this shall we.

Men seem to equate being a broke man the same as being a broke woman.

Bish…broke is broke no matter the gender.  There are no gender roles when it comes to determining who is allowed to be broke.  I don’t know of anybody with a fully functioning brain who views men & women being broke from two different perspectives.  Either you have money or you don’t.  Either you can pay a bill or you can’t.  If a man doesn’t have money & a woman doesn’t want to fuck with that man because of his lack of money, well guess what, that formula works for men who have money & broke women in the same manner…at least where I come from.  The only men who tolerate women with no money are niggas who are attracted to hoodrats…that’s it.  There isn’t  a real man alive that’s making money that’s looking to take on a charity case as his significant other.  The fuck kind of world do some of you women honestly think you exist in?  Some of you women are so used to dumb niggas just giving you hoodrat trinkets all willy nilly under the illusion of getting pussy that you honestly think that your pussy is literally a form of currency that should be valued in the same manner as that of actual cash money.  Women who think like this stay fooling themselves…along with staying single & crying online about how niggas ain’t shit.

A woman can be broke and look 4 a man who is a provider to start a family with.  That is the way God intended it to be.

Nah bish…that’s the way dirty foot hoodrats dream about it being.

I’ve been doing this happily married with kids thing for over a decade now.  My woman is far from broke.  My woman doesn’t have to bills if she doesn’t want to, but she chooses to….but even still, if my woman didn’t want to contribute to the growth of our household, it damn sure wouldn’t be because she was broke.  No man in his right mind is looking to wife up a broke ass woman.  I don’t give a damn how plump the ass may be, how good the pussy may be or how heavenly the sloppy toppy may be.  NO dude is looking to wife up a chick who can only maintain good pussy but can’t maintain a bank account with sufficient funds.  Fuck outta here.  We’ll smash Big Booty Bonita all day long.  We’ll even make endless promises professing our faux love to her with the promise of starting a good life so as long as that sex game stays proper.  But when it’s time to review finances, if Big Booty Bonita pockets aren’t at least a quarter of what mines are, then Big Booty Bonita is getting left behind to deal with Dusty Darrell.  The reality is, there are plenty of women we can pursue who got their financial game in some type of order that we can eventually start a family with.  And to be honest with you, race doesn’t even matter.  Why?  Simple.  A real man is looking for somebody that can bring something other than sex to the table to help him build a life with.  Most men don’t give a fuck what the race of the woman is so as long as she got her shit together instead of her “demanding” we have our shit together for the sole purpose of taking care of her.

Your favorite mulatto.

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