Are Black People Addicted to Complaining?

So Charlamagne Tha God tweeted this…

Personally, I don’t see the issue with the tweet.  To the masses out there catching feels most of them literally got hung up on 3 words in the entire tweet:  “like Tomi Lahren” as if Charlamagne was trying to tell black & Hispanic women to be be like Tomi Lahren in the literal sense as far as her ridiculous uneducated talking points are concerned.  Reality is, Charlamagane was simply telling women of color to use their platforms like Tomi Lahren used hers to help her go viral to become this household name we all presently get nauseous over every time she opens her mouth.  I fail to see how that went over people’s heads.  I really do.  But then again, I’m me…and everybody else is….not me.

Are Black people addicted to complaining?

Survey says YES according to my unscientific social media studies based off of random “debates” over pointless shit.

I found myself discussing Charlamagne’s tweet earlier today and me having to explain my interpretation of what I believe Charlamagne was stating.  Could Charlamagne have been more precise with his tweet?  Sure, but this is Twitter for crying out loud.  It is extremely hard to put into context how one truly feels in 140 characters.  But regardless, as smart as so many Black people like to make themselves out to be on social media, my mind is still baffled on how people couldn’t figure out exactly what he was getting at, but I digress.

Anyways, during the discourse of my “debate” I was met with a few rebuttals.  One rebuttal was that Tomi was given her platform straight out of college by Glenn Beck (true) which instantly gave her access to millions of paid subscribers to the The Blaze website (true as well), so therefore it’s unfair to compare her “platform” to that of a woman of color who has to literally start from the ground up.  Another rebuttal was “except there’s a whole list of women who have [platforms], but folks aren’t signal boosting them like Tomi.”  That rebuttal was in response to me stating that black people in general either need to create their own platforms (like me) or promote those who already have platforms that you allege to support.  So let me address these rebuttals one-by-one shall we.

Tomi Lahren was given a platform by Glenn Beck

For those of you who do not know, Glenn Beck is a conservative radio host who owns a website called The Blaze which (according to Wikipedia) is a multiplatform news and entertainment network available on television, radio and the internet.  Now, other than a Tomi Lahren clip that has gone viral, I’ve never seen anything related to The Blaze and to my understanding, you have to pay a monthly subscription to gain access to the material.  Glenn Beck used to host a show on CNN some years ago, but then I guess he got too radical & somehow he landed a show on Fox News.  But I assume even Glenn Beck was too radical in his philosophies for Fox News (imagine that) to where he was no longer apart of the network & he started The Blaze.  Tomi Lahren does a show on The Blaze that I honestly couldn’t tell you the name of, but she does one particular segment on her show called Final Thoughts where she’ll spend about 2-3 minutes ranting on something before she ends her show.  Tomi Lahren first came to my attention after a rant she did in regards to Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance earlier this year back in February.  Basically Tomi went on this long rant of pure idiocy in attempting to compare the Black Panthers to the likes of the Ku Klux Klan.  Her clip went viral on account of white & black people spreading that shit like wildfire & to my knowledge, Tomi Lahren became an internet & non-mainstream media star.  Since then she’s said plenty more bullshit about black people, which seems to be her go-to strategy that really gets her ratings up and time & time again, black people finding themselves online crying about the reckless shit she said.  It’s become this vicious cycle that keeps black people addicted to debating white people over & over about bullshit talking points they make about black society.

Now I’m of the mindset that there is nothing anybody can say or do to change the hearts & minds of a white supremacist.  Nothing.  Nada.  So I’ve fortunately graduated to a mentality that I personally have absolutely no desire to debate a white supremacist over their views about black society.  It’s pointless.  You’re not going to win them over to your way of thinking.  Seriously, you’re not.  So why continue to try.  They unapologetically let you know they could give a fuck about the plight of black people, but hey…somebody has to debate these idiots I suppose…just won’t be me wasting my time.  Anyways, yes Tomi was given a platform of literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of paid subscribers all on a silver platter for her to spew her retarded rhetoric to.  Yes, Tomi took clips of her paid subscription show & turned them into videos to run on social media which caused her to go viral to become the person we despise today.  Yes, all of that happened.  But guess what, it happened & there is nothing you can do to stop it.  That snowball has transformed into an avalanche now.  So getting hung up on how she get started is rather pointless.  The focus should be on how to signal boost all of these black content creators who are grinding day in & day out to earn the respect of 1 fan at a time.

Folks aren’t signal boosting these women of color like they do Tomi

As a black person in America, you have to come to terms with the concept of white folks always having an advantage that you will probably never have.  We can run down X amount of examples, but do I really have to at this point in the game?  I hope not.  So when it comes to Tomi Lahren getting hired by Glenn Beck straight out of college to host a show with a built in audience of hundreds of thousands to millions of people ready to tune into her garbage…well, it is what it is.  Maybe black people need to take notes from Glenn Beck on how to create a media company to that level so that we can put on young black women fresh out of college to talk to our people about our issues without the message being tainted by white influence or money.  Maybe.  Who knows.  One day I suppose.  Just not today.  But moving on…

We can spend time pointing out how Tomi Lahren has blown up & then putting together lists of black women who have relatively strong social media followings that are not household names in at least black circles OR you, the supporter of these women, can start to actively signal boost their content whenever they drop something compelling that you feel black people need to read, watch, or hear.  YOU…yes you reading this…YOU CAN DO THAT!  But according to my unscientific survey, a lot of you don’t.  A lot of you will get online all day & proclaim to be about black empowerment in some shape or form, but a lot of you won’t even share some content from your favorite content creator to spread the word about what they are doing so that maybe others can come to discover that person as well in hopes of this other person spreading the word about that content creator & so on.  A lot of you love to complain about the lack of black representation in the media whether it is mainstream or not, but when you discover a black content creator speaking your language, you do nothing.  Just hitting the LIKE button on their fan page isn’t helping to spread anything, although we’ll take it I suppose.  A lot of you love to complain about how people like Tomi Lahren have deep pockets financing their operations, which they do…but a lot of you won’t even break a content creator off one dollar to help support the platform he/she is building so that maybe this content creator can use those funds to help build a bigger & better platform that could eventually compete on the level of a Tomi Lahren platform.  Don’t act like I’m lying.  Thousands of you are fans of my Facebook fan page, thousands of you read & listen to my podcasts daily…I see the numbers…but I don’t see any type of “Just showing my support, here’s a few bucks!” donations flowing in.  I know you all see the Onyx Truth Tip Jar on the right side of the site plain as day.  I even have an advertising button up top where I would like to engage in some form of cooperative economics being that I do have the eyes & ears of thousands of predominately black fans…but as you can see, the advertising isn’t really popping either at this present moment.  But I’m not mad, I’m just being real with you all & pointing this out because I’m not the only black content creator dealing with this struggle.  It’s a bunch of us, but for some reason we feel compelled to keep creating because we understand that at the end of the day, black thoughts & black voices MUST be heard.

So if you really want to do you part in signal boosting all of these black voices that you feel get no shine to the level of a Tomi Lahren, then black folks, you all need to do your part.  You all need to help blow these people up by sharing their content religiously & financially supporting these content creators so that we all can take things to a bigger & better level than we are currently doing.  White folks have figured this shit out & mastered it.  As much as black folks love to emulate white society in other areas of life, we fail horribly at emulating their tactics of supporting their own to ensure their agenda is heard loud & clear with plenty of money to make sure it remains heard loud & clear.  I’ve said this before, as evil as white supremacy has been, you have to admire how well structured it is to ensure that white people remain at an advantage at all costs.  You have to admire that shit & learn how to apply those tactics because quite frankly…they have been proven to work.

Well, you all can either do something about it or sit around & complain about it while Tomi Lahren & others of her kind continue to get bigger in notoriety & financial earnings spewing ridiculous racist rhetoric.  Ball is in your court…till then, my Final Thoughts are below…

Your favorite mulatto.
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