OTP 124: Tariq Nasheed vs. Tucker Carlson of Fox News


My thoughts on the debate between Tariq Nasheed & Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

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Flashback:  OTP 98

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Your favorite mulatto.

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  1. josh

    November 30, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    If you call a white person a white supremacist, racist, they seem to shut down.

    A brain killer. They either play stupid. Or try to change the subject. Ignore it. They are not going to want to hear reasoning and logic. It’s like something floating through the ether where all of them are in sync these days. They shut down from the conversation.


    What the hell is up with white people?

    Acting exactly like you insulted them or something?

    Just because you used reason and logic and called them a white supremacist.

    They all do exactly the same thing. Act like they were insulted.

    Why would a person act like they were insulted like that? Makes no sense.

    Must be something floating through the ether, syncing them up, that is the simple explanation.

    Mass psychic brain syncing.

    I mean seriously, who acts all insulted when you are just trying to use reason and logic like that?


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