White People Are Idiots

“This happened at Michaels Stores in Chicago when a white customer, a woman who wants the entire Black staff to know she voted for Trump, was asked if she wants to purchase larger bags for her items.  She immediately says they are discriminating against her, calls the police, calls the Black women “animals”, then calls the police, who refuse to come to her aid.” — via Shaun King


White people really do live in a world where complete delusion is allowed to freely run rampant every second of the day.  We can blame this disfunction on Donald Trump, but this is much deeper than just Trump.  Donald Trump just merely positioned himself to become the poster boy of white disfunction.  For the rest of white America, these people are literally suffering from a severe form of mental illness that is preventing them from distinguishing between reality & fantasy.  These people honestly believe they are being genetically wiped out, they honestly believe they experience systemic racism, they honestly believe that affirmative action doesn’t benefit them (white women benefit the most by the way), they honestly believe that because society frowns upon them being openly racist that somehow this is a form of discrimination against them, they honestly believe that black people calling out their racist bullshit is somehow some form of practicing this mythical “reverse racism”, they honestly believe white people built the pyramids, and they honestly believe a host of other completely asinine utter bullshit.  Sure we can easily toss this under the umbrella of the religion of white supremacy, but sometimes I feel that’s giving these people too much damn credit.  Reality is, a lot of white people are just completely fucking stupid.  I mean there really is no other politically correct way of stating this.  The religion of white supremacy has literally birthed countless millions of complete fucking idiots.

“B-but-but Black people have stupid people too!” — random white person reading this

Of course we do.  No race is exempt from dumb people, but white people take this shit to an entirely different level to where they honestly can’t tell the difference between reality & complete fucking stupidity.  It’s like white people go above & beyond to demonstrate just how dumb their overall race can actually become as if this is some sort of badge of honor.  The sad thing is, this white delusion of complete stupidity is so engrained in American culture that way too many white people are often rewarded for proving just how fucking dumb they can be.  White people will hold on for dear life clinging to stupidity as if they are gasping for breaths of air…even when confronted by other white people who call them out on their complete dumb fuckery.  Being that this is such a common trait amongst so many white people, it really makes one question how in the fuck did they master dominating every aspect about the globe over the last 500 years because if the white people of today are any indication of the white people of the past in terms of their just ridiculous idiotic thinking that has been embraced culturally at least here in America, then how in the fuck did these people take over the world to instill a global system of white supremacy?  How?  Maybe their ancestors were actually smarter in certain ways and the white people of today are just the equivalent of the completely clueless spoiled valley girl who grew up rich & knows nothing but pure privilege.  No matter what conclusion you come to, all roads lead back to white people simply being just complete fucking idiots.

“NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE!!!” — white tears alumni

Ok ok, not all white people. 😉

Your favorite mulatto.
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