Kanye West Wishes He Was a Natural Born Kardashian

Since graduating with honors from the University of YouTube where I majored in Arty Smarts & then later pursued my masters in Memology from the University of Facebook followed by receiving my doctorates in “Fucks Not Given” from the College of Celebrity Bullshit…I have figured out exactly what Kanye West’s problem is:

Kanye West wants to be a Kardashian.

Yes, we know he’s married to a Kardashian already, but he actually wishes that he was born into that family so that he could earn money the way they do…attention whoring.  You have to remember, the Kardashians have gotten extremely rich off of attention whoring which is proving to be way more lucrative & easier than any of Kanye West’s current endeavors.  Why should Kanye West continue to make music or pursue dreams of becoming a fashionista when his wife has shown him the blueprint on how to truly get his bread up?

Anyways, Kanye is married to a woman that doesn’t have to do shit but breathe & with each breath she continues to make ridiculous sums of money just for doing so.  Meanwhile, Kanye has to actually go to work to earn every single penny he makes.  Can you imagine how it must feel to be a man who no matter how hard you work & strive to become the man that your woman probably still makes more money than you & all she has to do is show signs of life in front of a camera?  If you are a weak minded male, I would imagine that aspect about your spouse just tearing you up on the inside…which leads us to Kanye’s ridiculous outbursts.

Kanye West wants to be a Kardashian.

Kanye West wants to get paid for throwing tantrums in the similar fashion as to how his in-laws earn money for attention whoring.  Every last one of those Kardashians just have to put on a smile & a million dollars plus a Bentley just magically pops out of thin air.  Meanwhile, Kanye has to transform himself into a $40M slave to collect some coin which apparently is not even garnering the respect of mentor Jay-Z anymore.  All of that stuff has to be weighing heavy on Kanye’s mind.  Kim Kardashian literally waking up to take selfies to boost her social media following, her status in the celebrity world, & her bank account has got to be fucking Kanye up mentally way more than the loss of his mother.  Knowing that most people probably view Kanye West as nothing more than the emotionally unbalanced musician who is married to Kim Kardashian (Mr. Kardashian) instead of people praising her on account of her being HIS wife, this shit has got to be eating at his soul because we all know how much of attention whore Kanye West is, except his attention whoring fails in comparison to his wife & her family.

All in all, Kanye West wishes he was a natural born Kardashian.  What else could it be?

Your favorite mulatto.
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