Why Drake Is Better Off With Taylor Swift

As we all have heard, Drake is currently dating pop superstar Taylor Swift and people have been all in their feelings.  Constant talks about why is he with that white girl or why couldn’t he have just stayed going for the same type of women he used to pursue?

For the record, they mean this

For the record, they mean this

And this is where I have to say I’m a bit irritated with people.  Just looking at the two most high profile women he’s been connected with prior to Taylor Swift should tell you that this is an improvement for him, but of course people will give me or anyone shit for daring to say he’s better of with Taylor because of race.  So for the sake of being fair, let’s look at the last two women he was connected to and let’s put race to the side for a bit.

After his “battle” with Meek Mill, the rap game loved him because he eviscerated a rapper that’s the antithesis of Drake’s persona; something you just don’t really see in rap that often.  But let’s be real about this:  Drake was going to win if not only off the favor of public opinion but by the fact that Meek himself knows that he’s an easy target.  Because I like being weird, I tried drawing comparisons between this beef and the lesser known beef between KRS-One & Nelly.  And really the only thing both beefs had in common was that Nelly and Drake had mainstream success (read:  white fans) unlike their opponents.  But that wasn’t why Drake was embroiled in this.  Meek will say over and over again that it was because Drake didn’t retweet his album and you could even argue that’s his M.O. considering he went through the same thing with Wale, but we all know why Meek doesn’t like Drake.  And when put in perspective, it’s kind of a pointless reason.

Let’s just say it:  Drake & Nicki slept together at least once.  Yes, there were those moments on social media where Drake kinda came out looking like a herb in relation to Nicki.  But guys have seen this kind of relationship:  the nice, good looking guy with a crush on a really hot girl who’s not really interested in dating him but will still sleep with him because, hey, he’s not ugly.  But Meek has fucked up because even though he’s the guy we at least PERCEIVE is having regular sex with Nicki now, he’s still worried about him and ultimately wound up taking likely the biggest blow to his career because of it.  What’s worse, Nicki’s not even the woman he should have gone to war over.  Honestly, that was just Drake pulling a Frieza on Meek.  He didn’t HAVE to kill him, but if doing so retains everyone who watched its respect, so be it.

But if we REALLY wanna see Drake blaze a path of destruction through any rapper’s career, all that rapper has to do is date Rihanna.  And that kinda makes me sad to be honest.  I’m not calling Rihanna a whore, but what I am saying is that it really is sad to see big stars lose their ever loving shit over the same type of women over and over again.  What type do you ask?  Well, Rihanna is arguably the first real life celebrity black manic pixie dream girl.  Seriously, if this were some weird indie movie about white people making music in Oregon, Drake would be played by G-Eazy and Rihanna would be played by either Kirsten Dunst or Zooey Deschanel.  Look at their relationships:  she’s a free spirited artist with a bunch of tattoos and an aversion to being straightforward with her feelings, especially about love.  He’s the brooding sensitive nerd who pines after her and follows her to extreme lengths to hopefully win her monogamous affections, even going as far as to resort to grand gestures to win her over.  Now tell me, what’s the difference between them and a Cameron Crowe movie?  Not much other than this story contains black people.

And before anyone says it, him dating Serena Williams was really a passing fancy at best.  To be fair, IF she didn’t lead such a busy life, I really think this could have worked.  But Serena is a goddamn champion and probably doesn’t have the time nor patience for things like romance.

But the fact that you have the biggest rapper out here living life like he’s Scott Pilgrim (remember:  not only did he ruin Meek over Nicki, but he’s fought Chris Brown over Rihanna) isn’t the biggest problem with this.  It’s that he’s doing it for women who we’ve clearly seen not reciprocate his feelings.  Now if you’re gonna come at me with the whole “she doesn’t owe him her affections” I will say that you’re right, but even rejections are supposed to have some level of dignity when said person showing their love showed you nothing but respect the entire time.

And I think Drake may have found someone who truly appreciates his corny type of love, which is good because there’s nothing worse than a honestly corny guy faking being hard just to attract the wrong kind of women.  I mean, look at Russel Wilson, he stuck to being his true corny self and now has a beautiful family.  Drake has clearly been going after the wrong kind of women, one who likes trash dudes and another who just wants to date casually and not be tied down to anybody.

This is not to say that said women are bad women, but please understand ladies, there are plenty of men who suffer unnecessary angst in our love lives chasing a dream rather than a match, and I think that’s what Drake has been going through.  But of course, even as I write this, I’m sure I’ll be told I’m all sorts of self-hating for rooting for a black man to get with a white woman, but I’m honestly not.  I’m rooting for a guy to get in a relationship where he’s HAPPY.  Honestly, if you could find a woman of color who could bring about the same level of happiness for him, I’d be just as happy.  But the fact remains that all these women he’s dated either weren’t interested, didn’t have time or just wanted to do something (or someone) else.

Yes, I’m aware that Taylor Swift got caught in a lie with one of Drake’s friends, but that has no real bearing on this issue here.  Truth be told, Drake made a better choice than Kanye in terms of who to be in a relationship with as Taylor Swift might be ubiquitous and formulaic in her career and music.  But the fact remains that it’s way less embarrassing than marrying someone with a list of exes that will make you cringe, especially one who won’t shut the fuck up about the fact that he fucked her before you did.

To be frank, Taylor is likely that lesser of all the evils for Drake and yet I’ve already seen people saying he shouldn’t have gotten with her because of reasons that only matter to a small subset of women on social media.  Who knows, maybe, just maybe they’ll break up and you’ll have your petty little party.  But for now, I’m happy the guy stopped chasing coke dreams in the forms of women.  He’s too old for this shit.

Onyx Contributor:  H.T.  (@Awkblerd)

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