Black Men Love Black Women…ONLY On Social Media Tho

A couple of weeks ago, I did a podcast exposing this dude named Jeremy D. Johnson on how he used his self-proclaimed title of being a “male feminist” in order to pretend like he was some type of champion for the plight of women.  Reality is, he was presenting a bold face lie to conceal his intentions of trying to press up on a bunch of broken women with the hopes of attaining some easy sex.  That’s it.  Jeremy D. Johnson represented one class of social media dudes running rampant on these internet streets to impress the ladies.  But there is another type of knee grow out there ladies that you need to be on the look out for.  These are the knee grows who get on social media to go above and beyond to be the champion & defenders along with proclaiming their undying love for the black woman.  But the problem is…these dudes ONLY love black women on social media.  Rarely will they express that love in real life to the point of dating or marrying a black woman.  *Oops, my bad.  I wasn’t supposed to say that.*

A few months ago I was chopping it up with a sista on Facebook about some issues surrounding black men these days.  Well, our discussion mostly centered around her and why she is having the hardest time trying to find a good black man.  Never mind the fact this woman is fine as hell, educated, owns her own property & has a pretty decent career.  According to her, she can’t find a good brotha that’s on her level or even trying to get to her level to save her life.  As I’m sitting here listening while occasionally giving my 2 cents about today’s single black men basically being a bunch of dudes all greased up so they can go slipping & sliding down Moisture Avenue for the most part, she proceeded to tell me that every time she logs into Facebook she’ll see an abundance of so-called “good black men” all online expressing their undying love, concern & commitment to black women…but when she scrolls through their profiles, she can’t find any type of evidence to prove that these knee grows are actually about that black-woman-loving-life in the real world.  When she told me that, I paused and was like…WOW, you may be on to something.  So I went through my friends list to find the dudes that I know for a fact post the most extra shit online to show love & support for the sistas and you know what…upon snooping through their pictures etc, I couldn’t find any real evidence of them being in any type of romantic relationship with a black woman.  And this wasn’t just for a onesie or twosie, this was damn near all of the dudes profiles I went through.  I went through about 10 dudes profiles that be on that “Black Queen!  I love my sistas!  Protect our Black Women!” rah rah talk.  But damn, how come these niggas don’t have any pictures of them with THEIR queen?  Where she at?  I’m not saying brothas need to be posting lovey-dovey pics with their woman every damn day to prove they’re in a relationship with a black woman but at the same time, I do expect to see AT LEAST 1 picture somewhere on Facebook that proves without a doubt that this “I LOVE, STAND FOR, & PROTECT BLACK WOMEN!” type of brotha is about that life of actually loving a Black woman…in real life…preferably one that he’s not related to.  It just seems so strange to me.  Imagine me all online expressing my undying love & support for the Chicago Bulls but you come to house & you don’t see 1 damn pair of Jordans, a poster, some trading cards, bed sheets, socks, jerseys or anything that screams “I AM A CHICAGO BULLS FAN!!!”  Just seems weird.

Oh yeah, while I was snooping, I did come across quite a few pictures of miscellaneous Beckys.  I don’t know what type of relationships these Beckys represented in those images…I’m just saying.  Becky was all over the place is all I’m saying.

So my point is this ladies, in the future when you come across a black dude all up on social media proclaiming his undying love & affection for black women and how he wants to do everything in his power to protect black women…if this dude is all up on Facebook reciting Malcolm X’s famous quote about black woman, I suggest you do a lil digging into this brothas background to see exactly where he stands in regards to dating and/or marrying black women.  You might be surprised to discover that a lot of these dudes simply just love you enough to get your panties moist & feelings fluttering with their magical Twitter fingers only.  You might find quite a few Becky’s in the mix too…I’m just saying.

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman.  The most unprotected person in America is the black woman.  The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”  — Malcolm X, 22 May 1962, Los Angeles CA.

Your favorite mulatto.

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