All I Have is Truth & Myself

By:  Akhu X

I embody resistance to oppression, knowledge of self and truth.  My veins are filled with those who came before me and I cannot rest anymore.  The intimidation, fear of death, defamation of character and denial of access has kept so many from speaking the truth.  Families put under tremendous pressure and stress, but what am I if I see injustice and do nothing?  I can’t help but recognize the resemblance to things happening today to the things that happened so many years ago!  My children will not die or live their lives within boundaries because another man says so.

I will not stand by idly while we slip into regression, this country of ours has dedicated so much time, energy, money and resources to keep my people in check, inline, subservient, and docile.  Now whenever challenged those statements are blown off, that history sarcastically pushed aside and swept away as if it didn’t exist.  White men still kill blacks with minimal recourse, they still walk free to the beat of the same drum.  Black men are savages, gang bangers with criminal records and no inclination to do good.  Black is inherently bad therefore it’s ok to extinguish it.  Will there ever be a time when black men are not seen as a threat!  Am i expected to cower and answer “sir yes sir” my whole life?  If I speak in contempt will I be labeled something I’m not?  How can any human stand by and be ok with this, or is this even a valid question looking at the state of the world?

Labeling race narrows and diminishes this issue, this is a human rights issue.  There are great people all over the world.  Will these people stand and be stronger than those who pedal racism, bigotry and immorality?!  There are those who hide there hate and resentment behind smart aleck words and snarky responses, those who rally behind any figure that stirs the dust of hatred.  I never understood those who hate simply because, that gene I was born without!  How can a desire to hate color or religion or whatever be stronger than human decency?  No nation has ever came into or maintained there existence without the willingness to do whatever it took to preserve the existence of its people.  So why are my people so distant from each other, why is the cry to heaven so silent these days.  There is an outcry from unjustified murder yet…we are still blinded by drugs, money, sex, videos, music!!!!!  So many vials to blind the eye.  It’s time to take back the home, stop objectifying our women, and belittling our men.  Stop raising our children to be cool and start raising them to be leaders, men of valor who don’t hate each other and honor and respect a sense of community.  I’ve been waiting for 3 decades for the next Martin or Malcolm, they’ve yet to come so I’ve decided to be the first me.  So here i am…Better yet here i come!

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