Dear White Allies, I’m Not Really Interested In Being An Ally With You

When I first started this site, the intentions of the site was to basically just let people vent about whatever they felt like venting about in life.  That was pretty much it.  Rather quickly the site began to focus primarily on the severe issues facing Black society that primarily dealt with issues concerning racism, white supremacy, & police brutality.  During the process of writing and podcasting on this site I was introduced to a bunch of white people who called themselves “white allies” to a degree.  These were a bunch of white people who appeared to be genuinely interested in either developing a deeper understanding of how racism & white supremacy works or trying to educate other white people on how these evil ideologies & systems work.  Cool.  No problem.  Handle your business is what I said.

Anyways time progresses…white allies come & white allies go.  My personal goal with this site was never intentionally attracting them to begin with, that’s not to say that some of them aren’t cool & legit, but it is to say, my primary goal with this site was to speak mainly to Black society only.  Now for those white allies who have contributed to this site in the past, I’m not knocking their contributions but understand, their contributions really haven’t done anything to help the plight of Black society as far as I can tell and at this point I don’t need that in my life.

Why am I bringing this up?  Good question.

I recently had a dude (white guy I’m assuming) leave some comments on an article I wrote recently where I basically stated that it’s rather pointless for Black people to continually explain to white people why Black on Black crime is a ridiculous argument considering we’ve been having these same damn discussions for years now.  This white dude left some comments criticizing me for not writing out some long winded thought provoking article on why the Black on Black crime argument is pointless to debate.  I basically told him that I’ve spent damn near 3 years talking about how that argument is pointless whether it is in written form or podcast form & for him to just now discover my website & expect me to make his reading experience on my site more pleasurable by providing an endless array of hyperlinks so he could discover some other thought provoking pieces…I’m just not that interested in doing all of that.  Reason I’m not interested in pointing him to all of the relevant “thought provoking” articles and/or podcasts is because…what’s the point?  What is he honestly going to do with all of that information to help the advancement of Black society?  More than likely not a damn thing.

More than likely he just wants to engage in mental masturbation so that he can get his “Tim Wise” on to create this illusion that somehow he’s different from white people who believe in systemic racism & white supremacy.  More than likely he wants to get online and (or in real life as well) to run around and “educate” white people about how racist their culture has historically been and how that deep seated racism still permeates throughout every facet of society whether individual white people actually practice racism or not.  More than likely he wants to win the graces of Blacktivists on & offline who are so beaten down in trying to argue against white racist trolls that the first white person they see who screams “I’M AN ALLY!”, this Black person runs full speed with arms wide open to hug them & kiss them because FINALLY somebody WHITE is listening to them.  More than likely this white dude is the type who wants to get on Facebook & Twitter to craft the most creative status updates in hopes that shit gets shared 50leven times & LIKED a gazillion times by mostly BLACK PEOPLE.  It’s like they want to be the Eminem of Blacktivism.  You know what, that’s fine & dandy.  More power to you, but at the end of that day…none of that does shit for the progression of Black people.  Not a damn thing.

You know what white person reading this longing to be viewed as an ally of Black society?  The day your so-called ally status can prevent a cop from developing irrational fears of Black people & prevent cops from going into itchy trigger finger mode is the day you might actually become a true ally.  The day your so-called ally status you seek can get a cop sentenced to prison for taking the life of an unarmed Black person, you might actually become a true ally.  The day your so-called ally status decides to vote to funnel necessary funds into these Black communities that have high levels of Black on Black crime to create economic & educational opportunities so that Black people in these communities won’t have to resort to a life of crime, you might actually be a true ally.  The day your so-called ally status walks up to a political figure with an agenda that is SPECIFICALLY catered towards BLACK PEOPLE that deals with OUR issues ONLY…not this “minority” double talk bullshit…you might actually become an ally.  The day your so-called ally status allows for you come up from behind that computer or smartphone to venture off into the Black community to spend your money in Black establishments as much as possible in order to further help the wheels of Black economic empowerment roll along, you might actually become a true ally.  Until you can actually do that, then what the hell are you actually good for?

Seriously, what is the point of a fucking white ally that can’t do shit besides get online & talk about racism & white supremacy all day long?  How is that shit helping Black people?

“I’m doing my part to re-educate misguided white people who want to learn or need to learn.” — white ally person

And that so called education is doing what for Black people?

So here’s the thing…

Personally, I have very little desire to entertain white allies.  I have very little desire to educate white people about racism & white supremacy because I’m convinced that there isn’t a single person alive (black, white, or whatever) that doesn’t know about racism & white supremacy in some shape or form.  I have very little interest in “rhetorical bridge building” simply because history has told us time and time again, Black people end up getting shitted on somehow.  I’m not interested in being the Black guy who embraces white allies simply because “the Black guy” thinks more white allies will lead to a faster victory or some shit…who knows.  I’m not even interested in being the Black guy who wants to go around waking up other Black people up.  If niggas are still sleep in this day & age, stay sleep.  Simply put, I’m not interested in engaging people who want to have endless circle jerk debates about who knows this, that, & the third when it comes racism & white supremacy or who can break racism & white supremacy down from the newest latest & greatest angle.  I’m not interested in any of that shit.  I don’t have time to be interested in that shit.  I have a family & 2 young sons that I have to raise where I HAVE to spend the remainder of my life ensuring that I can produce something TANGIBLE for them so that their lives can start off further ahead than my life started off. I only have an interest to surround myself with Black people who honestly want to BUILD REAL TANGIBLE things than can actually BENEFIT BLACK PEOPLE in damn near real time.  I don’t give a fuck about how many ways you can break down racism & white supremacy.  If you can’t do shit to actually add real value to Black society that a Black person could actually act upon in damn near real time to begin to improve their lives….then stay the fuck away from me.

PS:  For the person wondering “W-w-what are you doing???  Y-y-you just own a blog!”

I do own a blog.  You should get one too.  My blog is just a place that allows me to let my thoughts swirling around in brain to become free.  That’s it.  That’s it’s purpose.  My life in the real world…well, this is the internet.  I could tell you anything & you probably wouldn’t believe it.  So no need in explaining that aspect.  Feel free to fill in the blanks on your own.

PPS:  Some white allies I’m cool with because they understand my position plus they understand the game that’s really being played.  Here’s an example of one I know who has no issue calling white allies out on their bullshit & I respect him for this…Elijah Hamilton aka Casper X


Your favorite mulatto.


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