Quick Way To Shut Down a “What about Black on Black Crime?” Question From a White Guy

“Where is the Black Lives Matter movement on this one?  Or do Black lives not matter to Black Lives Matter?”  — Jeff Jones …question posed to me on Facebook page earlier.


It would be nice if white people stopped pretending like they honestly gave a damn about Black lives, because they don’t.  This is a known fact that goes back hundreds of years & counting so far.  So quit coming to my Facebook fan page or website asking where BLM is every single time a Black person commits a crime against another Black person.  I would go into detail about how dumb your question is, but at this point in the game…it’s rather pointless.

But if you must insist on asking where BLM is every single time a Black person commits a crime against another Black person, well, truth be told…more than likely a dude from BLM is at your house right now responding to a request from you wife who wants to know if Black Dick Matters.  I mean let’s stop pretending like white women don’t have strong desires to see if a brotha named Tyrone can bring it long-dick style because the general public already knows that the vast majority of white dudes aren’t packing like that.  These are the real concerns you as a white male should have.  Why waste precious energy on wondering what we in the Black community are doing to fix our internal issues?  All of that wasted brainpower of yours should be focused on trying to ensure your woman doesn’t want to see what all of this swirling talk is truly about.  History has told us repeatedly that white men’s single biggest fear of Black men is Black men having sex with white women.

“Black men’s hopes for and insistence on equality brought public expressions of fear from white Southerners, and those fears included direct references to white women and sex.” — White Women, Black Men:  Illicit Sex in the Nineteenth-Century South by Martha Hodes

So I bring all of this up to state that, white people who constantly go on & on about the affairs of the Black community as a way to deflect attention from the bigger societal issues at hand that Black people who march & protest under the banner of Black Lives Matter constantly discuss is this:  These white people (mostly white men) have never had any real desire to show compassion or understanding for the plight of Black society.  Their only true primal concern in regards to Black society is Black men sleeping with white women.  That’s it.  Every time a white guy brings up “what about Black on Black crime” in response to an issue dealing with police brutality, instead of engaging him in an effort to educate him (because he really doesn’t care), just respond to him by saying, “I bet your wife in interested in seeing if Black Dick Matters.”  He’ll look confused.  He’ll probably get angry.  He’ll probably hurl a racist insult at you.  Just stand there and smile.  If his wife just happens to be out there, give her a quick wink & smile as well.  More than likely she’ll be angered, not at you, but for knowing in her mind that you are right & she’s going to catch an earful from him when she gets home about him obsessing over his need to know if she truly does have an affinity for the black penis.

So there you have it Black people, why engage in back to back arguments over the same shit we’ve been discussing since forever now?  Just go straight for their jugular and ask them if their wife needs some Black dick in her life.  That’ll terminate any “what about Black on Black crime” rebuttals immediately.  Stupid?  Maybe..but so is answering their original question over & over again.

Your favorite mulatto.


  1. gustave courbet

    October 20, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    I randomly stumbled across this site, clicked on this article expecting a knowledgeable (and hopefully witty) take-down of such facile canards as “What about Black on Black Crime?” or “Don’t All Lives Matter?”. What I found instead was an article sans argumentation, intelligence, and wit, and instead something reminiscent of Donald Trump’s locker room banter. Instead of debasing oneself with such childish antics in response to the same, I would hope people wanting a better world (of whatever color) would rise above and show small-minded people what it means to be a thoughtful human instead of hewing to the internet mean of depravity. Oh well.

    • Gee Dizzle

      October 20, 2016 at 4:21 pm

      I guess it’s safe to assume you purposely skipped over the portion of this article where I stated I’m not interested in explaining these things intellectually anymore. 🤔

  2. gustave courbet

    October 20, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    Apparently my comment was removed for politely disagreeing with the tenor of this article. I’ll not waste further time, but here’s my response to the moderator, Gee Dizzle, who said:

    “I guess it’s safe to assume you purposely skipped over the portion of
    this article where I stated I’m not interested in explaining these
    things intellectually anymore.”

    To which I replied:

    “Nope. Read the whole thing. Your fatigue is understandable but doesn’t
    justify such counter-productive nonsense. Here’s an idea: write an
    article explaining things intellectually ONCE. Then, when asked, instead
    of debasing yourself with childish antics you can simply provide a link
    to your article. You save time, and maintain the high ground.”

    • Gee Dizzle

      October 20, 2016 at 4:42 pm

      Nobody removed your comment. I deleted MY comment only simply b/c I changed my mind on engaging you.

      But here we are.

      So you’ve just stumbled upon a recent article I wrote on a website that I created in Dec 2013 that has hundreds of well written & intellectually stimulating pieces to include a few hundred podcasts worth of material…but I’m supposed to bend to your will on 1 piece where I purposely state it’s pointless to keep explaining the same thing over & over to people like you? 🤔

      Man please. Get the hell outta here.

      • gustave courbet

        October 20, 2016 at 5:13 pm

        Ah. Disqus told me that a moderator had removed my comment when I attempted to reply to you. As my comment said, I randomly stumbled upon your site, clicked on your article, read it, and provided my thoughts on it’s ugly and counter-productive message and tenor.

        You’re not “supposed to” do anything. You’ll do whatever you want, and people will form opinions about it. That’s life. I’m suggesting that, if you actually care about changing minds and engaging people (you might not, most people don’t), than providing a link to a well-considered argument is better than dick jokes. I’d add that it’s super easy to find and bookmark an article or two on subjects that repeatedly come up, so speaking as though you have to go to the attic to dig through your files to find a relevant article is silly. A google search will do it, if you don’t want to use your own work, and it literally takes minutes to do once and be done with.

        I’ll further add that “people like me” don’t post asinine comments of the sort your article is about because “people like me” understand the socioeconomic, political, psychological, and political context of issues like “black on black” crime and various other human tragedies.

        I’m interested in communication. That’s why I clicked on your article. That’s why I was disappointed to find, not a strategy for rhetorical bridge building, but wall building.

        • Gee Dizzle

          October 20, 2016 at 5:44 pm

          “Rhetorical bridge building” sounds like phrasing you would expect to find on a website written by a black guy looking for white allies. That’s not me.

          Here’s the deal:

          I blog & I podcast. I post my thoughts about however I’m feeling & let the public decide how to interpret it or interact with it if they choose (as you have done). Sure, I could bookmark & hyperlink galore to redirect people to pieces I’ve written in the past of a more serious nature, but I’m honestly not that interested in doing so. Tomorrow I might pen a serious thought provoking piece going into grave detail about X, Y, & Z….or maybe I won’t. Who knows. The beauty of owning your own blog is that you have these options to express your thoughts however you want & whenever you want regardless of what the public feels.

          Lastly, “people like you”….listen, I’m no expert but I’ve been dealing with “people like you” all my life & for almost 3 years on this site. Here’s what I’ve discovered about “people like you”:

          “People like you”, assuming you are white based off your avatar & name, are addicted to discussions where you can mentally masturbate over every imaginable facet of racism, white supremacy, & gaining sneak peeks into the issues between black people. It helps “people like you” to present a facade of understanding & caring to give off the illusion that you understand the issues of black society. “People like you” are further reinforced in your belief that you are not like the racist whites of America who uphold the systemic beliefs & practices of racism too b/c you’ll either befriend a black person looking for white allies or you’ll get a lot of social media approbation from black on your status updates with this “Dream” of thinking you may become the next Tim Wise.

          But here’s where “people like you” & people like me don’t mix:

          I’m not interested in putting energy into explaining to “people like you” the various ways racism & white supremacy continues to infect every imaginable aspect of life & society. I’m not really interested in trying to “wake up” white people (or sleeping black people for that matter). I really do not care if white allies exist or not because, there is no tangible benefit for the progression of black people. I’m not interested in hoping a white person reads this site & runs back to school other white people who may be “sleep”. I’m only interested in dealing with people who can produce tangibles that black people can actually benefit from in real life.

          This blog is just an outlet to express whatever I feel like letting out of my head at the moment. This blog is not a place where I’m concerned about engaging in intellectual discussions with people that can’t do shit for me or for black society in real life.

          Don’t take it personal, but it is what it is. I don’t run one of those sites interested in “rhetorical bridge building”. I run a site that allows people to vent.

          • gustave courbet

            October 20, 2016 at 9:36 pm

            I appreciate your fatigue over the grinding nature of our society’s “conversation” on race, as well as the fruitlessness of trying to sway proudly ignorant people who aren’t particularly interested. Your cynicism is warranted and understandable, though it’s apparently twisted your outlook to the degree that you’ve adopted some thought distortions that I’ll not waste your time enumerating (again, understandable), nor bore you with why said distortions aren’t going to “produce tangibles that black people can actually benefit from” either (the opposite, in fact).

            I’ll just point out what I’m sure you know, but I’d like to emphasize because your response underscores the tribalism that infects all of humanity in your “people like you” nonsense (get to know me, then pigeon-hole me): until humans can get over our tribal affiliations, we will be divided and conquered by a tiny minority, again and again. They will play up racial division in the media, promote every manner of diversion and division in order to distract people from that shared humanity, and the fact that regardless of skin color, we’re being collectively screwed.

            I hope people like you and people like me can get there, but like you, I’m not optimistic. Feel free to disregard my condescending intellectual masturbation, and I’ll go forget about your glib stereotyping.

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