Quick Way To Shut Down a “What about Black on Black Crime?” Question From a White Guy

“Where is the Black Lives Matter movement on this one?  Or do Black lives not matter to Black Lives Matter?”  — Jeff Jones …question posed to me on Facebook page earlier.


It would be nice if white people stopped pretending like they honestly gave a damn about Black lives, because they don’t.  This is a known fact that goes back hundreds of years & counting so far.  So quit coming to my Facebook fan page or website asking where BLM is every single time a Black person commits a crime against another Black person.  I would go into detail about how dumb your question is, but at this point in the game…it’s rather pointless.

But if you must insist on asking where BLM is every single time a Black person commits a crime against another Black person, well, truth be told…more than likely a dude from BLM is at your house right now responding to a request from you wife who wants to know if Black Dick Matters.  I mean let’s stop pretending like white women don’t have strong desires to see if a brotha named Tyrone can bring it long-dick style because the general public already knows that the vast majority of white dudes aren’t packing like that.  These are the real concerns you as a white male should have.  Why waste precious energy on wondering what we in the Black community are doing to fix our internal issues?  All of that wasted brainpower of yours should be focused on trying to ensure your woman doesn’t want to see what all of this swirling talk is truly about.  History has told us repeatedly that white men’s single biggest fear of Black men is Black men having sex with white women.

“Black men’s hopes for and insistence on equality brought public expressions of fear from white Southerners, and those fears included direct references to white women and sex.” — White Women, Black Men:  Illicit Sex in the Nineteenth-Century South by Martha Hodes

So I bring all of this up to state that, white people who constantly go on & on about the affairs of the Black community as a way to deflect attention from the bigger societal issues at hand that Black people who march & protest under the banner of Black Lives Matter constantly discuss is this:  These white people (mostly white men) have never had any real desire to show compassion or understanding for the plight of Black society.  Their only true primal concern in regards to Black society is Black men sleeping with white women.  That’s it.  Every time a white guy brings up “what about Black on Black crime” in response to an issue dealing with police brutality, instead of engaging him in an effort to educate him (because he really doesn’t care), just respond to him by saying, “I bet your wife in interested in seeing if Black Dick Matters.”  He’ll look confused.  He’ll probably get angry.  He’ll probably hurl a racist insult at you.  Just stand there and smile.  If his wife just happens to be out there, give her a quick wink & smile as well.  More than likely she’ll be angered, not at you, but for knowing in her mind that you are right & she’s going to catch an earful from him when she gets home about him obsessing over his need to know if she truly does have an affinity for the black penis.

So there you have it Black people, why engage in back to back arguments over the same shit we’ve been discussing since forever now?  Just go straight for their jugular and ask them if their wife needs some Black dick in her life.  That’ll terminate any “what about Black on Black crime” rebuttals immediately.  Stupid?  Maybe..but so is answering their original question over & over again.

Your favorite mulatto.


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