Black Women, Stop Calling Your Son “My King”

If you are a single woman with at least one son and you refer to your son as “my king”, lady, you are destined for a lifetime of loneliness till you get that “my king” foolishness up out of your vocabulary in reference to your son.

Here’s the deal & I’ll be brief:

There isn’t an intelligent man in his right mind that’s about to compete with a child for the number one spot in a woman’s life.  I don’t give a damn how much you love & adore your son, the moment you start applying titles to him that he hasn’t earned is where the problems shall begin along with you wondering why no real man wants to be with you.  Ladies, exactly what is your son the “king” of?  Is this lil knee grow the main bread winner in that house?  Is this kid the main protector of your house?  Or is this child serving as some type proxy for what you believe a man is supposed to be…if so, then we really need to investigate further as to exactly what your definition of man truly is.

I recently posted this status update to Facebook…

“Fellas, if the woman you’re chasing after has a son & she refers to her son as “my king”…turn around & chase someone else.  You will never be the man that 5 year old kid is.”

In less than 5 minutes, the VERY FIRST response I got back came from a single mother stating…

“And he never will.  My son will always be first.  No man will ever be put first.  But that’s just me.”

You know what…I agree with her.  No man will ever be put first because no real man looking for something meaningful with a woman is about to enter a relationship with her competing against her kid.  Get the fuxx outta here.  The most any man would want to do is just hit that a few times & keep it moving along.  That’s all you’re good for at this point if you honestly believe that your son is your “king”.  I mean seriously, what other role besides just hitting the pussy is any real man going to serve as in a situation like that?  She’s already established who the head knee grow in charge of her household is.  Any man with some common sense is not about to enter another “man’s” residence & start leading.  That’s not how this works.

So ladies, if you honestly feel deep within in your heart that your son is your “king” & if you feel like ole girl who left that comment under my Facebook status update in stating that “no man will ever be put first”…then stop wondering why no real man wants to be with you.  You already have one as far as you are concerned.  You literally birthed him.  Now go on & live your life happily ever after till he grows up & hopefully moves out of the house to eventually find him a woman who honestly recognizes who her “king” truly is….and if that lil knee grow has any damn sense, he won’t settle for a woman that calls her son “my king”, like his mother did onto him.

Your favorite mulatto.
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