White People Do Not Care About Police Brutality

Black people, it’s probably in your best interest for the sake of conserving brainpower & maintaining your sanity to stop trying to explain to white people that police brutality is real & has no place in our society.  Fact of the matter is, most white people do not honestly give a damn about police brutality.  They don’t.  To them, it’s just an “it is what it is” piece of fabric stitched into the American flag.

Here’s the deal:

At the time of this writing, there have been 708 people that have been killed in the year 2016 by the police.  173 of these victims were Black which leaves 535 non-black victims.  We’re just going to go ahead and assume the majority of those 535 remaining victims were white since white people have the largest population numbers in the country.  So now that we know that, here’s my question white people:

Where are your hashtags & frustration or were all of those victims simply just criminals who deserved to be killed?

Let white people tell it, they ALL are criminals.  No need for any investigations to see if the cop was justified or not.  They just take the word of the police and let it be.

On my Facebook profile, I have about 1100 friends.  Out of the 1100 friends, I have probably quite a few white friends.  Now keep in mind, I’m using the term “friend” extremely loose regardless of the race of the people that have made the friend list.  Last week I randomly selected about 50 white friends and scrolled through their timelines over the last 90 days or so to see if any of them created a hashtag or posted an article about an unjustified death of a white person at the hands of the police…not a single one of these 50 white friends posted anything.  Not one.  BUT….quite a few out of the 50 had plenty to say about Black Lives Matter, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher, Keith Lamont Scott and the protests taking place in Charlotte.  The ones who did have plenty say spent the majority of their time sticking to the script of “They should have just listened to the cops!”, “They shouldn’t have had a gun!”, “BLM is a terrorist group!”, “ALL LIVES MATTER!”…and so on & so on.  Now you’re probably wondering why I keep these people on my friends list.  Simple.  It gives me insight into the minds of white people who refuse to attempt to understand the plight of Black people in this country.  Why go about guessing how these people think when I can just read their thoughts in real time?  I don’t have to engage them, but I can damn sure learn a lot just by reading the stuff they voluntarily post to social media.

For those of you who feel you MUST explain the purpose of Black Lives Matter over & over again as if you have nominated yourself to be white America’s personal Google, do me a favor & just stop.  If the urge to engage the foolishness is that strong, instead of explaining things for the umpteenth time, simply start asking these white folks how come they only get angry at Black people when we bring up the issues of police brutality?  Ask them how come they love to chant “Cops kill more white people than Black people!” but they never talk about these white deaths.  Ask them to show you their hashtags of white victims.  Ask them when are they planning to hit the streets to protest police brutality if cops killing more white people is that serious of an issue for them.  Ask them if they plan on voting for politicians (local & national) that are going to address this rampant problem of police just killing white people all willy nilly.  Just start asking these questions.  But be forewarned, you’ll more than likely get responses saying something similar to what I get regularly which basically amount to…white people do not give a damn about police brutality at all, especially if it ain’t happening to them.  They just want YOU, the Black person, to shut about it.

Your favorite mulatto.
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