Tashala Dangel Geyer Suggests: “Paint The Ni66er Away”

Now I’ve seen my fair share of strange shit in regards to Black people trying to figure out how to comprehend living in a world where the police are allowed to unjustly kill Black with impunity.  The most recent event of strange shit I can recall was in Baltimore, MD during the riots over the death of Freddie Gray when some random brotha out in the streets was filmed moonwalking.  But I think the video below posted by Tashala Dangel Geyer may just be the strangest shit I’ve seen to date.  I get the point that she is trying to make in regards to Black people running out of options for how to avoid becoming a victim of police brutality…keep in mind the entire video posted below is over 1 hour long.

**YouTube deleted the video…but you can view a portion of the video HERE.**

In case you were knocked out sleep under a rock this past week, 2 Black men died at the hands of police.  Out in Tulsa, OK brotha Terence Crutcher was killed as he was on his way home from night classes.  His car broke down in the middle of the street and he was seeking help when some cops rolled up on him.  On video he was seen walking back towards his car with his hands up (no weapon) with a few cops pointing their weapons at him.  As they got closer, he was eventually shot by Officer Betty Shelby, who has been since charged with 1st degree manslaughter.  A few days later in Charlotte, NC a brotha named Keith Lamont Scott was killed by the police after it was reported that he was sitting in his car reading a book.  The police are claiming that he had a gun and motioned towards the cops in a threatening manner which lead to them killing him.  His family & other witnesses are maintaining that the “gun” was actually a book.  So far, the mayor of Charlotte along with the Chief of Police of Charlotte are refusing to make dash cam or body cam videos available for public viewing.  They state that the family of Keith Lamont Scott has been privy to the videos so far.

But regardless of all that, Tashala Dangel Geyer from Daytona Beach, FL took it upon herself to go buy some paint from Home Depot to literally paint her entire body white from head to toe all while she was completely booty butt naked on Facebook Live which racked up over 1M viewers during the broadcast.  Mind you, she does have a rather nice body and she does provide a twerk show for the viewers.  Aside from her twerking butt naked on Facebook Live, the real problem here is the desperate need for attention too many Black people feel they need in order to make sense of this world that allows for Black people to be killed by the police with impunity.  Niggas will do literally anything to become famous.

Your favorite mulatto.
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