Black Women Ain’t Sh!t

Yes, you read that correctly.  I didn’t stutter.  I said Black women ain’t shit.  Now what?!  Do you have a problem with me saying “Black women ain’t shit”?  Too bad.  Deal with it.

Ok.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of that way, it’ll be interesting to see who all actually reads this piece beyond just the headline before formulating an opinion about me or my website.  Experience tells me that very few will make it past the headline sadly.

Now do I believe that black women ain’t shit?  Of course not.  Some Black women ain’t shit for sure just like some {insert random demographic} ain’t shit as well.  But in the case of Black men, the story is a little bit different for us.  You see, it appears that it has become quite popular as of lately to denote Black men as “ain’t being shit” because we Black men are supposed to automatically understand that when a Black woman (or any Black man) says “Black men ain’t shit” or some variation of the phrase, that she is not talking about ALL Black men.  As in, these are actual words that have come out of the mouths of people towards me on social media just within the last couple of days.  As in, these are actual words I’ve seen tweeted on Twitter by Black people in the last couple of weeks as well…especially since that Nate Parker ridiculousness kicked off.  Black people who get online to chant the blanket statement of “Black men ain’t shit” mostly do so in order to attract social media love, that’s it.  They know that simply rolling out the blanket statement versus targeting their anger at certain demographics of Black men is way more popular & social media LIKE button accepted than saying something to the effect of “coons ain’t shit” or “dusty/ashy hotep niggas ain’t shit”.  It’s just so much easier to blanket the entire Black male population because we in the Black male population are supposed to be intelligent enough to understand that “Hey, she ain’t talmbout me.”  Well, exactly how do you know?  “B-b-because I ain’t an ‘ain’t shit nigga’…that’s why?”  Well how do you know you aren’t an “ain’t shit nigga” in her eyes?  “I-I-I just know…plus I liked her status update, so I know she ain’t talmbout me!”  Ok.

Insert the “I say white people all of the time” argument

Another excuse to tolerate Black women online just all willy nilly blanketing Black men as “ain’t shit” is the excuse of some who state “well, when I talk about white supremacy, I just say white people.  Now what?!”  The reality is, when Black people talk about racism & white supremacy the terms “white people”, “white culture”, & “white supremacy” are interchangeable for the most part because just by default, white people AND their culture are the main staple of American society.  Black people are not.  When people think of America, more than likely the first image that pops into their head is that of a white person, not because they are overly infatuated with admiring white people but because white culture dominates every facet of America society & culture…from TV to magazines to fashion to you name it.  Chances are there is a white face plastered on it signifying the dominant culture.  That’s the not the case with Black society.  It’s so much so not the case that Black society always has to constantly put the adjective of BLACK in front of everything to let people know that “hey, we knee grows exist too”.  Such as:  BLACK movie (you never hear them say WHITE movie), BLACK media (you never hear them say white media), BLACK/URBAN music (you never hear them say white music), BLACK/URBAN fashion (you never hear them say white fashion)…and so on.  Black people have to constantly remind people that we are a part of this country too on a daily basis so it should come as no surprise that we are NOT the dominant default culture American society was based upon.  So when white people get upset at the use of the term “white people”, understand the term “white people” is literally interchangeable with white culture which is synonymous with American culture because 9 times out of 10, there will be a white face on display as the representative of this American culture.

Back to Black women not being shit…

Here’s the problem that I’m noticing with a lot of Black women these days:  it appears in Black society that it is becoming socially unacceptable to criticize the thoughts and/or actions of Black women no matter what they may say or do.  Seriously.  Just within the last couple of days I’ve personally been accused of being a sexist pig or a Black woman basher just simply because I disagree with what some Black women are saying.  Next, I’m being told by other Black men that “you just need to listen to them” as if these Black men are implying that I don’t listen.  Here’s the thing, I’m fully capable of listening to a Black woman speak and address her concerns about whatever issue she believes is taking place….that doesn’t automatically mean I have to agree with her just because I’m listening.  The fuck outta here with the bullshit.  Since when did listening to people automatically translate into agreements with people?  Since when did listening to people automatically mean I’m just supposed to shut up & present no rebuttal especially if the situation calls for a rebuttal to be presented?  Miss me with that dumb shit.  If a Black woman feels like letting the whole world on social media know that she’s had it up to here with Black men because of whatever reasons, if I feel inclined to address her (which I rarely do), I should be able to tell her she is categorically wrong & totally abusing the words “Black men” on account of a FEW BLACK MEN that do fit that description without being labeled a Black woman hater.  I’m not about to subscribe to the logic of just accepting the blanketing of Black men, not because I’m emotionally attached to it, but because it is completely pointless and does shit to actually begin to address the real issue surrounding her problems that she may have with Black men.  The real issue being that it is either an individual who has done her wrong somehow or a certain collective of Black men who embody everything she believes is wrong with Black men…not ALL US.  For the life of me I cannot figure out why it is so hard & unacceptable for Black men & Black women to target their frustration & anger at the niggas who represent Black men foul.  Masking these fuck niggas behind the blanket statement of “Black men” does very little to actually convince a brotha like to me to want to agree with you & join forces because I honestly don’t know who the fuck you are talking about when you roll the blankets out.  I’m Black, the nigga down the street is Black, the dusty hotep nigga is Black, the nigga beating up women is Black…exactly which knee grow are you referring to so we can possibly deal with this nigga if it ever got to that point?

There is a reason some of us in Black society use terms like coon, butter biscuit brigade, moisture mafia, negro bed wench, bastard baby maker, & so on.  These terms are very specific to Black society.  They represent very specific members of Black society whom uphold certain mentalities & demonstrate certain actions that are viewed unfavorable against the overall progression of Black society.  When people think of Stacey Dash or Sheriff David Clarke, a lot of us in Black society go above & beyond to make sure that the term “coon” is properly applied to these individuals.  We do not just lump them in all casually in the “Black society” bucket.  Even though they are a part of Black society, they have their own special bucket designated just for them because everything they say & do goes against the best interests of Black society.  So how come properly identifying exactly what Black men that Black women are referring to when saying “Black men ain’t shit” is so damn hard to do?  Why should I as a Black man reading this bullshit online I see Black women (and niggas who blindly cosign the bullshit) casually post about Black men ain’t being shit make me want to just jump on the “Black men ain’t shit train” to ride off with you into the sunset?  Why?  Why should it automatically be assumed on my part to know that you might not be referring to me?  “A-a-a hit dog will holler!” is what some of you are probably saying.  Well, yeah.  If the assumption that dogs in that statement represent men, & if a woman just casually lobs a rock at random dogs & a random dog does happen to get hit, then yeah it’s going to holler because it’s trying to figure out why in the fuck did some random woman just throw a damn rock at it.  Did this particular dog bite you in the ass earlier that day?  Did this particular dog piss all over your carpet earlier that day?  Did this particular dog take a massive shit on your manicured lawn that particular day?  If not, then why in the fuck are throwing rocks at random dogs?  Go find the dog that did something to violate you & throw rocks at that muthafucka.  But that’s asking too much.  It’s much easier to just say “Black men ain’t shit” and watch the social media love overfloweth thine cup.  After that’s what this really boils down to….the quest for never-ending social media approbation.  Rarely do any care to actually address the people causing them the problems so that some type of real life conclusion can be possibly be met, that actually requires work.  Getting online to spread the timeless celebrated anthem of “Woe is me, Black men ain’t shit” will deliver a non-stop flow of cheers & support from fellow women followed by a non-stop flow of dudes blindly cosigning this shit in an effort to hopefully slide up in the DMs.

But anyways, I said all of this to really get to my real concern:  if I ever just casually let the words “Black women ain’t shit” just fly out of my mouth aimlessly, then understand Black women, I’m not talking about ALL BLACK WOMEN…just some Black women & YOU should be intelligent enough to not be offended & to automatically know which Black women I’m referring to without me having to tell you.  Ok.  Cool.

Your favorite mulatto.

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