Facebook Shows Intolerance to Unbiased Black News Following BlackMattersUS’ Page Ban

Facebook just can’t stand truthful Black Voices and strong Black opinions!  Not too long ago, we published an article about a page being banned by Facebook two times in two weeks for ridiculous reasons:  the moderator got into a debate with a white woman concerning issues pertaining to Black society and an article he posted about white supremacy.  Turns out this is not an isolated incident, it’s a tendency.  Recently, we’ve got a letter from a group of activists called BlackMattersUS.  These guys administrate a website and social networks.  Their page was banned by Facebook three times in a month.  Here is their letter:

“Facebook banned BlackMattersUS page earlier this week leaving our 235,000 subscribers without a reliable source of information.  This ban doesn’t really come as a surprise because it isn’t the first.  We have been banned twice in a month just because we posted untainted Black news and always reported our stories by stating the plain truth.  Now, we’ve been banned for the third time for that same reason.  Looks like the louder and more truthful Black voices are, the more inconvenient they become for the authorities and those influenced by them.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  We have appealed the ban by sending several letters and messages to the Facebook moderators, but to no avail, as we were blatantly ignored and unanswered by the Facebook team.  BlackMattersUS page had about 235,000 subscribers.  These people followed our page and our content because of how factual and straightforward we are.  Now, they are without their daily source of news that brings them the complete truth about what really goes on with Black people in this country.

Facebook is a social network that all users must agree to abide by their weird community standards while using it.  Yes, you read that right, it’s weird because it applies only to some people.  Let me explain this, our FB page reports Black news that isn’t coupled with a few lies here and there to make it more acceptable for the white folks, and now it is blocked and banned.  Whereas a white man made utterly disgusting racial comments about a Black woman, calling her surreal names and used racial slurs, but he wasn’t served a warning and neither was he banned from the social network.  Do you get what I’m talking about?

Another instance is this:  Damon Abshire wrote this:  “ALL LIVES MATTER EXCEPT ISIS, MUSLIMS, AND MOST OF ALL NIGGERS”, and guess what?  He still uses his account, he was neither suspended nor banned.

BlackMattersUS page was created to bring the truth to Black people and we will continue to strive to do that, even if Facebook tries to bring it to a halt, we won’t shut up!  There are many other means of conveying our equitable news.  And we have started a new FB page.  We believe in legitimacy and we also believe that’s what Black people deserve.  And we ask everyone who suffered intolerance in any social media to come out and send us a message.”


About BlackMattersUS:  We are a group of activists, true believers in the course of the Black rights movement.  Our website and social media deliver raw and original information on the most urgent issues important to the African-American community in America.  Our activists organize meetups all around the U.S.A.

Website:  BlackMattersUS
Facebook:  Black Matters
Twitter:  @blackmattersus
Instagram:  @blackmattersus
Tumblr:  Black Matters

Onyx Contributor:  John Smith, Chief Editor of BlackMattersUS

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