“Conscious For Coochie” Is The New Hustle

Everybody seems to be “woke” these days.  Men, women, kids, white people…you name it.  Everybody is wide awake these days apparently.  In a way that’s not a bad thing as we need more people recognizing the ills of American society hiding behind the veil of the American flag.  But with all of this woke-ness going around, there is still an element of Black male society lurking about trying to use their new profound woke-ness in order to solicit some panties.  Let’s just be real about this here.

You see these dudes are online all day err’day crafting the most so-called thought provoking tweet or FB status update trying to give insight into some newly discovered aspect about racism & white supremacy (RWS) as if they are the first person to ever think of that angle.  They write stuff like, “See uhh, the reason we as Blacks have it so hard is because uhh, white people have manifested the manifestation proclamation of the inhale & exhale of the oxygenation combined with the circulation of the blood flow which produces hallucinations preventing them from seeing that Black people experience racism.”  Next thing you know, their stuff is retweeted 50-leven times or LIKED 50-leven more times on FB and people are just in awe at how this person appears to be so deep in thought.  But when you look closely at these carefully crafted updates to see who in the fuck is actually cosigning this bullshit, you tend to discover that most of these brothas get A LOT of Black women cosigning this foolishness for reasons I’ve yet to fully comprehend beyond these particular Black women being extremely easily impressed by this dude’s ability to find words that rhyme with “tion”.  Stop pretending like you don’t see this on social media.

The reason these guys are doing this is simple:  they are trying to see if it really goes down in the DMs.  That’s it.

These niggas don’t really give a damn about RWS or Black empowerment.  These niggas are all about trying to empower themselves to gain access to some open legs.  Normally I wouldn’t care what a dude did to try to sell a woman the idea of letting him get some pussy (as long as it’s legal & moral and not on some Pill Cosby shit), but when it comes to using the veil of discussing RWS and Black economic empowerment in order to manipulate your way to some draws…now I got a problem.  Now you are making me look bad.  Now you are causing me to be unfairly lumped into the Conscious for Coochie community.  Every time I decide to talk about Black economic empowerment, I have to wonder if women are thinking I’m purposely trying to mentally stimulate them just so I can get some wetness of my thang.  If that was my goal, then so be it, but the reality is Black people are in such a state of desperation looking for an answer to this problem of RWS that they will flock to anybody who sounds like they are reciting a message that may have a potential answer.  Truth is, most of these niggas don’t have an answer to shit and don’t know a damn thing beyond some meme they read on FB.  I mean, shit…if you as a woman really want to know if a nigga preaching all day about RWS is truly about something that can lead to real tangible solutions versus a never ending supply of creative social media staus updates about RWS, ask this nigga to produce a plan of some sort that has real money backing it to get the ball rolling.  Tell these lame ass niggas to get off their social media soap boxes all day trying to sound the most intelligent about RWS and do something in the real world.  If they can actually produce something in the real world and they still manage to get your panties wet…then consider letting find out if it goes down in the DMs.  We in Black society are at a point where we’ve heard every speech under the sun told every way imaginable about the complexities of RWS.  Tell these Conscious for Coochie knee grows to stop preaching and get to building already.

Your favorite mulatto.
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