Black People Wish They Were Mixed Just So They Can Feel Better About Themselves

For the purposes of this piece when I say Black people, I’ll be referring strictly to non-mixed Black people (never mind the fact that if you go back far enough, none of you niggas are pure Black, ole massa got his swirl on with one of your relatives way back in the day).  Also, when referring to mixed Black people, I’ll use either mixed or light skin interchangeably.

So last week I was on a Carnival cruise in the Caribbean getting my international mixed knee grow experience on when the 2016 BET Awards aired.  While the show was airing I had no access to the internet or cable TV because I was on a cruise ship drinking martinis in my shorts & flip flops.  Two days after the award show I decided to cough up $5 to pay for some satellite internet for 24 hours.  As soon as I opened up my Facebook app my timeline was flooded with memes & links of Jesse Williams.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what in the hell was going on so I just assumed that Team Light Skin scored another victory.  Anyways, after reading a few links & reading a few comments here and there I quickly came to this realization:

Black people really do wish they were mixed….BADLY!

I mean seriously, the amount of hate coming from Team Darkie over a speech discussing the plight of Team Darkie was ridiculous.  I’m choosing to specifically say “the plight of Team Darkie” for a reason as I shall elaborate on as you continue reading.

Riddle me this Team Darkie:  What in the fuck is wrong with you niggas?  Seriously?  What in the absolute fuck is wrong with you people?  I don’t get it.  But you know what, I honestly don’t have to get it if I don’t want to & guess what…unlike you, I’ll be alright.

I’m not about to dissect Jesse Williams’ speech in this article.  I’ll probably save that for a future podcast…maybe.  But I will say this:  I’m not 100% a fan of the speech simply because it just sounds like another speech of pointless symbolism, and we all know how Black society loves itself some pointless symbolism that creates no tangible changes…but I for sure didn’t dislike the speech simply because a mixed person was giving it.  But I digress.

In case you are new to the Onyx Truth and haven’t figured it out by now from my Twitter handle at the top of this article, I too am a mixed person.  My biological dad is white (was white I should say…he died last year) & my mother is Black.  Dark skin Black.  These two people decided in their teenage years to lay with each other & out popped me…this wonderful light skin concoction of pure conceded & sometimes arrogant sexiness.  Unlike Jesse Williams, I did not grow up around my white side of the family.  My mother married my Black step-father when I was 3 years old and he has raised me ever since.  The only connection I’ve had to my white side of the family was just the donation of DNA, but I do have a few white 1st cousins that I met for the first time last year at the funeral of my biological dad.  In a nutshell, I grew up in a family of Black people my entire life.  I’ve lived around predominately Black people my entire life.  Simply put, I IDENTIFY as Black (IDENTIFY being the keyword), but I am biracial.  Now I can choose to identify strictly as biracial/mixed if I want.  Reality is, I can go back & forth every other day between being Black or biracial if I feel like it and guess what….there isn’t a damn thing Black people can do about it.  That’s a privilege I have that you don’t.

But anyways, let’s get on to what I came here to say to Team Darkie…

I’ll just be blunt about this:  nobody gives a fuck about Black people.  My bad, I wasn’t supposed to say that…but I did.

Seriously, anywhere you go in the world, nobody gives a fuck about Black people.  I was just in the country of Belize a few day ago, that country is full of Black people & nobody gives a fuck about them either.  So much so that the Black people down there aren’t even allowed to own businesses outside of mom & pop food joints.  But seriously Team Darkie…nobody gives a fuck about you & all the shit you bitch, cry & complain about.  I’m just being real with you.  The majority of you reading this already know this fact.

So being that globally nobody gives a fuck about Black people and Black people have been CONSTANTLY fighting & begging to be treated with respect & dignity and just to have a damn voice…if that’s the case, then why in the fuck do Black people hate on non-Black people who actually do try to speak up on behalf of Black people to help amplify Black peoples’ voices in regards to the struggles of Black society & the Black diaspora in general?  Why?  How fucking stupid can some of you be?

Real talk, how fucking dumb can the members of Team Darkie be when it comes to their flat out hate of mixed people who speak on behalf of Black people?  How fucking stupid are some you?  You niggas have got to be the absolute most retarded muhfuggas on the face of the planet to hate on people trying to help amplify your struggles because nobody else gives a shit about anything you say no matter how many fucking marches you go on.

The fact of the matter is, Jesse Williams, myself, & countless others (too include white people who speak up about Black issues)…we don’t have to do shit & most of us will be ok.  Sure we mixed knee grows are not white (some of us are passable…I’m not), but we truthfully don’t have to do shit.  We can sit back & literally say, “You niggas are on your own, good luck” and guess what, our lives will be ok for the most part.  Last time I checked, the majority of victims of racism & white supremacy are BLACK people…not mixed.  Put it this way, when I leave my house to go out into the world to do whatever, becoming a victim of racism & white supremacy isn’t as much on mind as it is on the minds of Black people.  It’s just not.  When I get pulled over by a cop, becoming a victim of police brutality really isn’t on my mind.  Real talk, a year ago I got pulled over on my motorcycle doing about 115 mph in a 45 mph speed zone on a country ass road in Redneckville, Georgia.  The cop could have locked me up & impounded my bike…or worse, found an excuse to shoot me.  Guess what happened?  Dude wrote me up for only going 15 mph over the speed limit.  Crazy thing was…I didn’t even have my damn bike registration on me.  Now if I had of been a member of Team Darkie, the chances of my name becoming the next trending hashtag would have gone up DRAMATICALLY.  But since I’m a member of Team Mixed, my light skindeded privilege allowed for me get off somehow.  Am I mad?  Fuck no.  I’m glad he didn’t lock my ass up or shoot me.  I got a wife & kids to take care of.  Side note:  I notice members of Team Darkie were hating on the fact that Jesse Williams is married to a Black woman.  Guess what?  I’m married to a Black woman too…10 years strong now.

But seriously, somebody reading this right now who’s a member of Team Darkie please explain to me the logic in hating people who speak up on behalf of Black people?  I honestly just do not get it.  Ninety-nine percent of the content on this site is dedicated to speaking up about the plight of Black society with well over half of the content COMING DIRECTLY FROM ME…the mixed nigga.  I could have easily created a website dedicated to mixed people issues and kept it moving like some other mixed people I know of, but no, I’ve decided to dedicate the bulk of my content to discussing the struggles of Black society.  I’ve even gone as far as to recruit actual Black people to add their words of wisdom to this site as well.  I even went a step FURTHER to get WHITE PEOPLE to speak to OTHER WHITE PEOPLE about how fucked up they can be in regards to the shit WHITE PEOPLE as a whole do unto BLACK PEOPLE.  But here’s the truth…nigga I didn’t have to do shit.  Jesse Williams or any other mixed nigga didn’t have to do shit.  You niggas could be on your own marching around in circles while the whole world continues to ignore you like they’ve been doing.  Like I mentioned earlier, nobody gives a fuck about Black people on this planet.  It’s evident everywhere you go.  But for those of us who do recognize & understand the plight of Black society either because we were raised in Black society around our Black family or whatever…how in the fuck are you honestly going to hate on a mixed person who chooses to identify as Black & speak up on behalf of Black society?  How does your brain honestly function to allow for you to even think that way?  HOW SWAY????

In the end, you dumb ass niggas on Team Darkie that hate on mixed people because you don’t feel we are Black enough or whatever, well fine….continue to hate.  At the end of the day, us mixed niggas will be alright.  If you hating ass Team Darkie niggas that despise mixed people so much could get some shit done all on your own, then why in the fuck are still suffering from the same struggles that the Civil Rights generation was dealing with?  Every other group of people have figured out how to progress their community.  What in the fuck have you actually been able to get done all on your own accord without the help from other people who are willing to join you in the struggles against racism & white supremacy?  Name it.  What have you actually accomplished all on your own in regards to ridding the world of racism & white supremacy that unfortunately affects BLACK PEOPLE more than another other race of non-white people globally?  Like I said, I don’t have to do shit.  I can delete this site today & my life for the most part will be fine.  I don’t have to deal with racism & discrimination to the level that Black people have to deal with it simply because of my skin color and you know what else….I recognize this as well as you do which is why I say…you hating ass niggas on Team Darkie honestly WISH you could be mixed just so you can experience what life is like NOT on the bottom of the totem pole.

PS:  I know a lot of Black people reading this are probably offended by my use of the term Team Darkie.  Well…deal with it.  I’ve stopped counting how many times just in the last couple of days I’ve seen comments from Black people referring to mixed people as mixed breeds, half breeds, mulattos, mutts, zebras, dirty white boys, etc.  Fuck your feels.

Your favorite mulatto.


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