Seductive Mixtape Series #17: Breakup Sex

I’m right back with your additions for your next soul-stirring, slow jam mixtape.  A few people have hit me up via social media after reading Seductive Mixtape Series #6: When It’s Over and asked questions including, “Dante, what about songs for breakup sex?”  Well, this entry will address just that.

So much emotion usually comes with a breakup, and these songs are guaranteed to enhance such a culminating and climaxing event. It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone (as discussed in the aforementioned blog post), but you always want the last time that you join souls in a fit of passion filled with ecstasy sweat and tears of goodbye to be laced with songs that will always make you remember what was but will be no more.


Song #1: Last Time by Trey Songz
First, I will start off the list with one of my favorite Trey Songz songs (ha, ha) from the Trey Day album.

“I’m living two different lives
One girl in the day, you at night
And even though this ain’t right,
I just can’t get enough of the way you put it down”

That dude Trey is trying to do the right thing with his new girl, but he can’t shake the old one.  That is quite a predicament when both make you feel good in umm…different ways, per se.  Heart vs Body.  Love vs Lust.  Destiny vs Desire.

I think you get it.  Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I actually purposely placed this song on one of my “soundtracks” to signify the ending of a purely physical relationship in order to properly build a foundations with something more sturdy.

Check out the video.  (Spoiler alert!!) Honestly, I think I rooted for Trey as he walked away from the temptation, but I was like “Oh…damn” when he still got caught by the new girl at the end.


Song #2: Neither One of Us by Gladys Knight and the Pips

Shout out to all my old school lovers out there!  If you know like I know, there are a plethora of old school R&B joints that discuss saying goodbye…and goodbye sex.  As I listen to this song, my old soul (and overactive imagination) instantly imagines myself acting out a scene in the 70s as I lay with a country cutie hours before I catch a train to Chicago to begin a factory job and hopefully a better life.  The cutie chooses to stay in the South to be near her family and agrees to meet me one last time to make one last memory.

Wait…isn’t that the opposite theme of Midnight Train to Georgia?  Think about it.

I intentionally placed a Sims (video game) version for the video below.  I think it really captures the essence of the words.  I have viewed it many times and stagnated in reflection on a Sunday afternoon.  True talk…

Song #3: Say Goodbye by Chris Brown

This song is probably a little more on the sad side compared to an actual breakup sex song, but I couldn’t get it out of my head as I commented on the two previous ones.  If there was a gentle way to break up, I think this would be a good way.

I, too, have had to say goodbye to someone who I cared about for fear that continuing the relationship would be more harmful to the other if we continued the way that we were at the time.  (Girl, it’s not you…it’s me)  It truly never is never a right time to say someone who really isn’t doing anything wrong, but you are unavailable to give them what they need.  That is the premise of the song, and I guess I like it so much because I can relate.

Check out the video featuring a more innocent, pre-tatted up, pre-Rihanna incident Chris Brown.  I really like the dance soap opera part near the end with the two women.

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