Seductive Mixtape Series #16: Soundtrack Soul, Vol. 1

Remember the days when you anticipated a movie soundtrack just as much as the movie?  I haven’t purchased a soundtrack in a while, but I sometimes grab some of my old ones to listen to that one or two songs that made me feel good during the movie or was timeless regardless of the genre and subject of the movie.

There are so many good soundtracks from back in the day that have great songs that either have or could make it onto one of my mixtapes/playlists.  Therefore, there will be multiple iterations to this mini-series.  I’m talking about these are those songs that will make you say, “Oh snap!”, and “That’s my jam!!”  LOL.  Reminisce about where you were or what you were doing when these songs came out.

Song #1 – Soul Searching by Me’Shell Ndegéocello (from the Higher Learning Soundtrack)

I believe I was a junior in high school when this movie and soundtrack came out.  I remember watching the movie (about various dramatic events happening on a college campus) in the theater wondering how my future college days would be like.  True story – I recall watching this movie and deciding what I wanted my future daughter’s name to be.  Years later, I had a daughter, and her name closely sounds like one of the characters from the movie.

The movie was laced with hot tracks from OutKast, Raphael Saadiq, etc. playing in the background that kept your head bobbing while you wondered what happened next.  One particular track played in the background during the scene of a costume or Halloween party scene.  There were dings followed by some hypnotic strings…then the bass came in.  I knew that I had to hear the rest of it….and later bought the soundtrack.  As I typed this, the same CD is sitting in my office in the stereo that I also bought my junior year in high school.

She goes back and forth between speaking seductive poetry and singing as various drums and other percussion accompanies the background singers.  This track is hot!  Ladies, this is one of those statement songs.  Put this one on your list when you want to hold the man that holds you down…


Song #2 – Top of the World by Kenya Gruv (from the Menace II Society Soundtrack)

Yo, this soundtrack came out in 1993!!!  This soundtrack intensified my like of West Coast Rap back in the day.  I’m talking MC Eiht and Spice 1 back in the day….y’all don’t hear me.  One particular track instantly became my favorite, and I have put many people on this seductive mixtape track over the years. (Insert mischievous face)

Starting with some bass, hi-hats, and warbly sound effects, you already knew that some smooth shit was about to start as you listened.  I can’t name another sound by Kenya Gruv, but they made a timeless hit with this one.  The singing isn’t da bomb, but they make the message clear.  Kenya Gruv wants to get to know ya, do somethings to ya, and take ya to the TOP OF THE WORLD.  LOL.  (Shiii…back in the day you could tell a girl that you wanted to take her to the top of the world, and it meant something.  Try that shit now…..ummm….my bad, back to the song.)

For my fellow band heads, the horn part is SERIOUS!!  Fellas, for a well received change in your slow jam soundtracks for your sexual encounters, try this one!


Song #3 – There You Go by Johnny Gill (from the Boomerang Soundtrack)

This soundtrack HERE!!!!  I could write a couple of posts off of this one alone!  Pause for a second and think of at least two songs off of that soundtrack that made you warm inside (ladies) or was the background for a romantic, candlelit night (fellas). (sigh..flashbacks)  Then come back to this one….which is probably the top three tracks on the mf-ing album!!

Johnny Gill hits you with that strong, yet smooth, voice over an enthralling track.  Again, this is one of those songs that you can just let do the talking for you, fellas, with lyrics like “I will do anything and everything…for you” or when he says, “I can’t help myself, you’re like nobody else.”  WHAT?!?!  ‘Hit it & quit it’ brothas or minute men, don’t even waste your time playing this one.  This is one of those foreplay-before-you-turn-her-out tracks.  Johnny does the damn thing on this one!  The background singers help shape the song as well…especially toward the end.

Talking about relationship goals…I want to send an email to my girl titled “Later” and it only contains this song.  Hell, the song says everything I would want to say.  All she has to do is be ready…. (sigh…one day).  Fellas, from my generation, shake things up and put this on during dinner one day.  YOU….WILL…WIN!


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