SB1- 22: Remembering Muhammad Ali

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)


On this episode of the Soul Brother #1 of a Kind we here to remember Muhammad Ali, The Greatest.  Join us as we discuss the challenges and conflict he faced in life, which includes the destruction of white supremacy in dangerous times, to include the probable whitewashing which is happening after his death.  Join us as we discuss Muhammad Ali’s influence on America and the world, which also include the Soul Brother #1 of a Kind himself, Johnny Silvercloud.

Black Americans allowed to attain national and international fame have been historically puppets and lackeys of white supremacy — this includes not just politicians, but also entertainers and athletes.  Through an elaborate system of sanctions, rewards, penalties, and persecutions, any Afro-American who sought for black empowerment and refused to be a tool for the white power structure was either cast into prison, killed, hunted, chased out of our nation, or thrown into obscurity by character assassination and isolated in his own land and among his own people.

This is often done by Scooby snack chasing black people who don the moniker today as “black conservative”, and they are the guard dogs of the white supremacist power structure.  Muhammad Ali was the first Afro-American Champion who was a king inside and outside of the ring.  Ali was young, black, gifted, and always told the truth — the Onyx Truth — despite white supremacy’s frustrations. ~ Johnny Silvercloud, SB1 podcast, Episode 22

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