After Watching Roots, I Just Want To Know, Where Are The Reparation Checks At?

In case you missed it, the miniseries Roots debuted on the History channel.  Reality is, if you didn’t watch it, you didn’t miss anything that you already knew.  It’s not like we haven’t been bombarded with slavery & 2nd class citizen movies & TV shows for the last 5 years or so.  But that’s not why I’m writing this.  Truthfully, a slave movie & TV show can come out every other month for all I care.  What I want to know is….where are these reparation checks at?

The Native Americans got land & casinos for what President Andrew Jackson did the Native population.  The Jewish community got museums, movies, an entire country, along with Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders just four years ago arguing for the Jews to get MORE reparations on top of the reparations they have already received.  But what do the Black Americans get?  We get earful of “Slavery was a long time ago!  Get over it!”…yet they keep pumping out the slave movies.  We also get another earful of “Black people got affirmative action!”…yet totally neglecting the fact that affirmative action is not just a Black program per say.  It’s a program for ALL MINORITIES.  A minority is anybody that is NOT a WHITE MALE.  So that means, white women benefit from affirmative action too.  To be more specific, more white women benefit from affirmative action that Black people if you really wanna go there with it.  So I ask again, what have Black Americans received specifically for Black people as a form of compensation for the atrocities committed against our ancestors?  Oh that’s right…we get more movies & TV shows displaying white folks brutalizing the shit out of our ancestors.

Allow me to climb up on my Hotep high horse for a minute…

Ask yourself, all of these slave movies & TV shows…whose entertainment is this for?  Black people or non-Black people?  Seriously, why are all of these movies being made?  If you allow me to put on my COONspiracy googles for a minute I would venture to say that these productions are for the entertainment of white people.  Think about it, we all know how ridiculously racist the media can be towards Black people and we all know how we got people like President Obama going out “educating” Black people on the need to be more understanding towards white men because they feel like they are losing power.  So would it be a far stretch to assume that all of these slavery movies & shows are made to entertain the dominant society about the good old days of yesterday?  I mean, the Republican nominee for the President just happens to be a guy with a campaign slogan that says “Make America Great Again”.  Well, according to President Obama in regards to all of these white men losing power, exactly when was America great?  Oh that’s right…it was great when white men were in total control of everybody, especially Black people, to the point where they could literally just do what the fuck they wanted to do to us with no consequences at all whatsoever.  So maybe that’s why we’re constantly being bombarded with slavery shows/movies.  Maybe it’s a form of psychological warfare to get Black people desensitized with the life of slavery and/or second class citizenship so that if society ever went back to the so-called “good days”, well Black people will just accept it as life.  I mean, let’s not pretend as if life doesn’t imitate art.  Media is one of the most powerful weapons out there.  Ask Adolph Hitler.  He used it masterfully to convince an entire nation that Jews need to be exterminated.  Ok…taking my COONspiracy googles off now.

And then we have famed music video director Little X chiming in with his nonsense…

In case you don’t know who Little X is, he’s a famed music video director that came up under the tutelage of another highly celebrated & famous music video director by the name of Hype Williams.

Here’s the thing Little X…

Shame on you nigga.  Shame on you for NOT using your big ass platform that reaches quite possibly millions of people to help beat the drum non-stop that if Black people REALLY wanted uphold the legacy & pain of our ancestors, niggas like you with ridiculous amounts of influence would be screaming WHERE’S OUR REPARATION CHECKS AT to the top of your fucking lungs.  Don’t sit here and type this bullshit about turning our back on our ancestors’ pain because a lot of us are not interested in watching another slave movie/show.  Fuck you nigga.  If you really want to prove you are about this Black life, then you need to read an article written by Ta-Nehisi Coates called The Case for Reparations which brilliantly breaks down the need for reparations in the first damn place.  You need to understand that watching a fucking TV show does shit for the actual progression of Black society or to uphold the memory of the atrocities of slavery.  What needs to happen is the US government cutting a check so that the offspring of slaves (you & I) can actually be compensated for the brutal work & lifestyle our ancestors were forced into.  You know, the same system of slavery that white people all across America have benefitted off of to this very day.  The same system that made so much money & acquired so much power that it allowed for Native Americans & Jews to be compensated for the shit that happened to their ancestors.  The same system that still allows for Black people to be treated like shit in every facet of life by the dominant society.  So miss me with your bullshit shame on you speeches.  How about you get your dumb ass off of Instagram & Twitter and use your platform to bring real honor to our ancestors by voicing the argument to the millions of people who follow or know of you that Black society needs to be cut a damn check for the absolute brutality committed against our people.  Fuck a damn movie about slavery.  Where’s your argument for the check nigga?

If you are Black and you are not beating the WHERE’S THE REPARATIONS CHECK drum, then do a self-assessment to see if you really care about honoring our ancestors.  Our ancestors literally built this country while being brutalized and the best America can seem to do is keep pumping out movies/shows reminding us of the savagery committed against our people…yet they aren’t trying to cut a check to pay for that savagery.  But everybody else can get some form of compensation for the atrocities committed against their people.  Ok.

Your favorite mulatto.


  1. Shitzkin Jones

    June 12, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    If niqqers beez wantin dey reparayshun checks n sheeit then the first place you should is apefreaka and the niqqers that sold niqqers into slayburry. If anything the niqqers own the White race reparations for the billions spent on welfare, gubmint housing, free health care, and costs to imprison you feral apes. The boats are coming soon to haul your oversize butts back to da muddalant.

    • Bla Blah

      June 21, 2016 at 4:40 pm

      Majority of welfare goes to whites, especially if you consider the fact that the government have been giving whites free land and free money since before slavery. Imprisonement makes the government money, its a huge industry, that’s why they have quotas. And no boats are coming anytime soon, and if they are, it wont be for us. You seem to forget American economy is built and sustained by black people. Where would America be without the slaves? Where would America be without the spoils of stolen land and stolen resources?
      Beyond all that, no one talks like that, and the fact that you took time out to even write that way is sad.

      • Bobbo

        June 23, 2016 at 11:03 pm

        Are you serious or is this sarcasm? I’m going to go ahead like this is real but stop reading if you actually don’t believe this.
        Who does the prison system make money? Holding someone in prison cost money. A lot of money. Please share the documents on these quotas.
        Welfare- whites make up around 75% of the United States population. Black non Hispanic 12%+black Hispanic 4% so 16%. Yeah no doubt more whites will be on welfare. How many times can 16 go into 75? More than 4 times. Is the welfare rate 5 times as little as the white number?
        Please please please tell me how 14-16% including those in prison and on welfare sustain the American economy ???????❓
        You should run the country. Put everyone in prison and we will be rich !
        The country was built by men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Carnagie, J.P Morgan, the vanderbilts, the roosevelts, the pierponts. Blacks contributed greatly to the southern economy over 100 years ago. Then machines like ELI whitneys cotton gins also contributed to that.

        Where is this free land? The only “free land” I can think of in US history was unmanageable locations that government didn’t have the time, money, manpower to deal with so they encouraged people to settle there. They still paid taxes. This is known as the homestead acts. An extension of this was known as the “free soil” policy of northern Americans who wanted individual farmers to be able to own land and become farmers to be able to buy from non slave holding farms. Slavery didn’t touch this land and it was created to oppose slaver holders.

        • Bla Blah

          June 23, 2016 at 11:46 pm

          Mass Incarceration most assuredly does make a lot of money for a lot of people. Even a cursory search reveals many ways this occurs and why it occurs. America isn’t going to be too willing to let go of that in the name of fairness and equality. I never said doing so is going to make the country rich. But it is profitable industry. The ACLU has an entire paper about it, I suggest a read.
          Slave owners were given free money and for some, free land, when slavery was “done away with”, the free land of course being the land this country was built on, the resources the early settlers took from it, and all the other conquests and used for their own profit in the long run. Slavery made America a world trade icon by providing what was at the time, the major money makers if you will. America became rich because of slavery, America became rich because of forced labor, stolen land, stolen resources (which we are still doing). It was hardly built by goodwill, hardwork and prayers. Centuries, upon centuries, of this is what makes America what it is today. America would literally not be here if not for those things.
          George Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, they didn’t build the country that we have today, they wanted the exact opposite. Case in point, do you think a gay, black, trans, Satanist witch, would have been welcomed in their time when they were contantly seeking a land of free speech, liberty, and where every man was made equal?
          And yes, I agree, more whites means more whites on welfare. Now how many angry republicans are out complaining about white people abusing their system and taking their money? Exactly. That’s my point.

  2. shrugger

    June 17, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Reparations were paid in full when the US purchased Liberia for any former slaves that wished to return to Africa. Not our fault your ancestors didn’t go.

  3. Yggdrasil AE

    October 2, 2016 at 12:21 am

    I don’t owe black people anything or anyone for that matter at this (event) happened hundreds of years ago you know when none of us were alive and was committed by a small portion of the US population… Yep a small portion. Should I also mention how your so called people sold you into slavery? Shocking right so much for kinship. Finally slavery was a thing long before the US ever got involved.

    Stop whining about something that happened hundreds of years ago and blaming others for your problems and expecting us to give you money for being a professional victim.

    In the end only you can improve your situation.

  4. Blanched421

    October 17, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Im white and I fully support reparations, in many different form including checks, jobs, rebuilding of communities and lots of access. Access to schools, housing, food, and education. I wish I could apologize for my people and that it would amount to anything. Man fuck these racist white people.

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