Ex-Military White Supremacists Do Exist People

I’ve stated this before, but I guess I must state it again:  If a race war popped off, knee grows would lose.  That’s just real talk as evidenced by this video below:

So what are we looking at in the video above ladies & gentleman?  We are looking at the next level of white extremists.  These aren’t just your stereotypical backwoods, country, redneck white boys born out of incest chanting ‘MURICA.  Oh no.  What you’re looking at is more than likely a bunch of military vets who are applying their military training to teach other white supremacists how to effectively hunt & kill people.  Sure this is nothing new, but thanks to the current climate of the country these days, these white supremacist ex-military people are probably going to be heavily recruited more than ever.

Here’s the thing…

I served for 13 years on active duty in the US Army before getting out back in Nov 2015.  I was surrounded by these people.  Most joined the military because they had no other real options in life or they joined because they honestly wanted to deploy to the Mideast to kill non-white people.  I’m sure you’ve all seen a movie here & there showing some young 18 year old kid who just left basic training and can’t wait to go down range to fire his weapon.  Well, while you were there just watching the movie, I was actually “in the movie” surrounded by these people all day everyday who fantasized about their chance to kill a Muslim.  I spent a year of my life living on a FOB (forward operating base) in southern Afghanistan back in 2010.  On this FOB, I was surrounded by a bunch of infantry men & special forces personnel.  Damn near every last one of them who was not actively leaving the FOB to kick in doors and hunt for the Taliban, all had a gleam in their eyes longing for the chance to squeeze their trigger.  Fortunately, most reserved that urge strictly for the Taliban, but don’t be fooled by thinking that a lot didn’t reserve those urges for shooting Black people too.

“B-b-but…you’re crazy!  You’re just making shit up!  They are patriots!  They want to defend our country!”

Miss me with that bullshit.

I stop counting how many so-called patriotic red-blooded American pie loving racist soldiers I’ve come across during my 13 years in the US Army.  They are everywhere.  They are on the enlisted side & the officer side of the house.  The only real difference between a racist soldier & a racist civilian is that if a racist soldier is exposed, they could face severe punishment from the military.  So most would try to hide their racism.  Most would just smile in your face and go about business like usual under the illusion that nobody could see through their veil.  Reality is, they weren’t fooling anyone…especially a person like me.  I spent my last 4 years in the military working with a white supremacist soldier who just happened to be my boss.  Everybody knew he didn’t like Black people.  When I say everybody, I’m referring to people on my pay scale to people above his pay scale.  The problem was, nobody could do anything about it so as long as he just did his job and kept his racism to himself.  Another issue with this guy was, he had been in the military for so long he knew how to “play the game” as to where he could show favoritism for certain soldiers (white people) but write it up in such a way as to where it looked like he was going strictly by the book, and there was nothing that anyone could do.  Because it wasn’t like he was writing down “I don’t like niggers” on my quarterly & annual evaluations, but if the sorriest white boy gets opportunities that I wasn’t getting (even tho I know damn well I outworked this sorry ass white boy & could prove it)…well, you tell me what’s up with that scenario.  But I digress.

So I say all of this to say, as America slides backwards to the country it was 50 years ago where it was cool for white people to just be openly racist towards non-whites (especially Blacks), expect to see more of these militia groups popping up being led by ex-military people.  As white people continue to feel like they are losing their country & their power (according to President Obama), expect to see a bunch of white supremacist running around the country dressing in camouflage attire carrying rifles.  If you are Black, don’t for a minute think that these are just some backwoods hillbilly types who decided to hit up an Army surplus store & a Walmart to buy an M4 rifle.  As the military continues to downsize, it’s going to be a lot of disgruntled vets who never had their opportunity to kill a Muslim in the Mideast getting out of the army with that unfulfilled urge of squeezing the trigger walking around in a neighborhood near you.  So if you are one of these dumb niggas walking around thinking just because you grew up in the hood around a bunch of dusty niggas all of your life & you have access to a glock that you are somehow a bad ass that white people won’t fuck with….think again.  If you encounter one of these people in the video, understand that you quite possibly are encountering a trained killer in every sense of the word.  A trained killer who more than likely has yet to fulfill his desire to actually kill.

In case nobody has ever told you…you heard it hear first.

Your favorite mulatto.


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