SB1- 20: America Was Never Great

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)


On this episode of the Soul Brother #1 of a Kind I assess and analyze the Campaign Slogan of Donald Trump and explain why Krystal Lake more than has a point.  Join us as we explore why America was never great, in addition to stating how ironic white supremacists are (the violence from white fragility), and how we as American can actually achieve true greatness.

“Imagine there was this School Reunion of some sort, and everyone was back for it.  Scores of people from the student body arrived for this event.  Numerous people began talking about “how great” the school used to be.  They would reminisce on their so-called good times and all.  What if one person pointed out how this school was NEVER great, because not only were they bullied for the entire set of years they attended that school, but the school faculty was also in on the bullying, either by participating in it, or turning a blind eye to it.  So not only were the majority of the students within racial lines, were in on the bullying, but the teachers, hallway administrators, principal, guidance counselor, lunch room lady and the janitors were in on the bullying.

Oh by the way, the school also expelled a multitude of people from that school, because they were the red man, and not the white man.  In fact, the whole faculty is corrupt, and seeks to pretend that none of the damages it inflicted upon a certain select group of darker skinned students within the student body ever happened. I think, if that was the case, then I would venture to say that that school was never great.” ~ Johnny Silvercloud, SB1 Podcast, Episode 20

Voicemail:  202-854-1996

Flashback:  OTP 78

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