Seductive Mixtape Series #15: Cheating In the Next Room, Vol. 1

Fellas, do you remember the late 90s and early 2000s when there was a plethora of male bashing songs that were sung constantly by many of your female friends, girls in the club, random woman shopping at Wal-Mart, etc.?  I’m talking about songs like: Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny Child, No Scrubs by TLC, No More by 3LW, etc.  I cringe at the flashbacks of ordinary women who thought they were cute saying to a dude that was interested in them, “Can you pay my bills? Pay my telephone bill..” in response to a question like “Would you like to dance?”  WTH?

It was sad for the brothers for a while.  Yeah, there were always songs sung by both sides that highlighted the triflingness of others in a relationship.  In the era that I am talking about though, men desperately needed some anthems of our own to fight the whole “Men ain’t shit” hymns of the time.  Then songs like those discussed below came out.  We were finally given ammo to spit back at the ladies that did the fellas wrong.  LOL.  Thank you guys for your contribution to the “Women ain’t shit too” conversations for years to come.  Check em out, and reminisce by realizing that you still know some of the words.


Song #1: Uncle Sam – I Don’t Ever Want to See You Again

I was like, “Damn, that’s f’ed up!” when this song came out.  The video made you feel a certain type of way (or maybe just me).  I mean, the dude is working hard to come up and be somebody, and the woman in the video is sleeping with the best friend.  (That did not happen to me, btw.  I’m just saying that it is a f’ed up scenario.)  Tragic, but it has happened too many times.  (Remember watching the TV show Cheaters?)

I don’t remember too many other tracks that Uncle Sam sang, but I liked this one.  I like the whole deep voice monologue during the song explaining the hurt that the singer felt (which that one dude from Boyz II Men made popular).  For most of us, the video (if portrayed in real life) would have been different.  There would have been some cops, handcuffs, and funerals involved.  IJS…  Your girl and your best friend?  You already know…


Song #2: Profyle – Liar

I started laughing as soon as I thought about this one.  The chorus is the shit!  I feel for any man that ever had to experience betrayal like that, but this group told you that they were taking (fellas, sing it with me), “the house, the cars, the kids, and THE DOG!”  (I like that part.)  Hell, I would take the dog too.

Profyle’s sound reminded me a lot of the sound of Jagged Edge.  The video was cool with though with typical tough guy choreography that Dru Hill and dem used to do.  Then the dude at the end of the video packed up all of the lady’s shit and put it all outside.  When she gets to the door, another woman (holding HER dog) answers.  Then…then…the dude hands her a one way plane ticket.  True talk – that is some shit that I would do.  Too funny….though I hope I never have to do it.  Like I said earlier…cops, handcuffs…you see where I’m going.


Song #3: Ideal – Get Gone

LOL.  A bet a lot of guys instantly sang the hook and chorus in their heads as they read the title.  For those who forgot it, here is part of it:

“I think you better leave…me…alone, [alone]
So get your bags and get the hell on, [get gone]
Because love ain’t here no more. [no moooorrree]

I pray that I never have to go through such bs, but I would play this as I kicked someone out.  I might even get some of my homeboys to do a little routine and sing back up.  LOL.  Not really…that was a joke.  Who has time for that?  Just tell her to roll out.  Anyway, that would be funny.  I challenge a heartbroken dude to do that instead of posting those sad “I caught you” videos on YouTube or Worldstar.

The story in the video was funny.  That ol’ flamboyant, Sisqo-wannabe lead singer is wearing some kind of white dog fur shirt or something in the video as he sings his powerful, “it’s over” message.  (He later changes to a glitteriffic black shirt later…ummm, hell naw).  The spinning cubes thing was unique too.  Check it out, and get your laugh on.


Note to the readers:  I appreciate the support and love from my readers.  I need some feedback!!  Let me know if you like the song choices in this series.  Let me know what songs that I might have missed.  Feel free to hit me up at [email protected] with your feedback, ideas, and suggestions.  Feel the music, live the music!!DanteD

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