Dear Social Media Rapper, I’m Not Interested In Your Mix Tape. Thanks.

Dear Social Media Rapper,

I don’t know how you ended up on my timeline.  I don’t know how you ended up on my friend’s list.  I don’t know you ended up in my inbox.  I don’t know how people you know in real life are letting you run around promoting your mix tape.  I don’t know how you’ve convinced yourself that trying to become a rapper is a great move in life as you rapidly approach your 30s.  I’m not sure how any of this took place, but please stop asking asking me to click on your YouTube or SoundCloud links to hear your music.  I’m not going to do it.  I’m really not interested in hearing your latest rendition of Future blended with Young Thug over a bootleg DJ Mustard Casio keyboard beat.  I’m just really not that interested.

Social Media Rapper, maybe it’s my fault.  You see I have this nasty habit of befriending everybody on Facebook just because…well, I have no real good reason other than to be a lurker.  But just because I’ve accepted your friend request on Facebook, that doesn’t automatically mean you are allowed to tag my name on random ass pictures, videos, or links directing me to check out your music.  No, that’s not how our “friendship” works.  Our “friendship” works like this:  you post whatever, it pops up on my timeline, if I decided to interact with it then I shall.  You do not get to dictate how I interact with whatever content you post.  That is for me & me only to decide.

Think of it like this way Social Media Rapper…

Imagine I’m standing outside of your house with a bullhorn yelling for you to come outside and listen to my mix tape.  Imagine if I decide to drop my mix tape into the mailbox of your residence with a note attached to it saying “CHECK OUT THIS HOT SHIT!  IT’S LIT MY NIGGA!”  Just image that.  That’s how you come off every time you tag me or inbox me.  Why can’t you just post your stuff with whatever message & just let it be.  Why do you have to actually take time out of your day to purposely tag my name or inbox me.  Why?  Have I ever showed any interest in your mix tape links before?  No.  So what makes you think that I’m going to change up now?

Social Media Rapper, in case you weren’t aware, I’m a blogger/podcaster.  Imagine if every time I posted a new blog or podcast I went out of my to tag you in hopes of you reading or listening to my podcast.  Imagine if I stayed in your inbox telling you to “CHECK OUT THIS HOT SHIT!  IT’S LIT MY NIGGA!”  Just imagine.  How long do you think it would take for you to block me?  I imagine rather quickly considering the sheer amount of content that I produce damn near every day on this website.

All I’m saying is Social Media Rapper, more than likely your shit is Wack Arnolds b.  I mean, let’s just keep it real.  I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, but more than likely your shit is not lit or whatever adjective you all use these days.  Granted, I may not tell you that to your face.  I’ll more than likely tell you it is hot just so I can do my daily duty of providing you a dose of false motivation…because that’s what I tend to do for enjoyment every now & then.  But in all seriousness Social Media Rapper….stop tagging & inboxing me.  If I want to listen to your mix tape, I will click on the link or reach out to you somehow.  If your music is actually that good, then more than likely your music will find me without you actually having to deliver it to me.

I’m just saying Social Media Rapper…just stop tagging & inboxing me.


The Light Skin Knee Grow With A Blog

PS:  Outside of my personal Facebook profile, if you want me or other people to actually hear your music, click this link HERE & we can get it popping so the world can find out exactly how wonderful your music is.  I’m just saying.

Your favorite mulatto.