If Your Title Is Only “Baby Mama”…It’s Probably Because You Ain’t Shit

For all the men out there, how do you refer to the person you created a child with?  Your baby mama or the mother of your child?  Women, same question:  baby daddy or father of your child?

baby mama, onyx truthDon’t ask me who created this meme…don’t know & don’t care.  I found it amusing.

It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in my world, words, descriptors, & titles are not just tossed around all willy nilly.  They have meanings.

For instance, my wife is not my bitch nor is she my wifey.  She’s my wife.  My wife is also not my baby mama.  She is the mother of my child.  Why?  Because she is the woman whom I chose to marry & procreate with.  It’s really that simple.

As for the rest of you out there…well, the terms of either baby mama/daddy or mother/father of my child that you apply to the person with whom you created a child with can speak volumes about the type of person you are whether you realize it or not.

Every time I have ever heard a person refer to the mother/father of their child as simply their baby mama/daddy, there always tended to be some disdain, anger & regret immediately hidden behind those words in regards to the person with whom they created a child with.  I’ve never heard that term applied in a positive manner.  It was always some shit like “Man…my baby mama crazy!”  Or, “Gurrl, my baby daddy ain’t shit!”  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a positive statement like, “Wow, my baby mama/daddy is just an amazing, thoughtful, caring person.”  I’ve never heard it & you haven’t either.  And if you say have, you’re straight up lying.  You see what’s really going on here is:  when somebody gives the person they created a kid with the title of baby mama/daddy, that’s code for, “I fucked up & created a kid with the wrong person I never should have created a kid with.”  That’s it.  You fucked around slept with a person that you were ONLY sexually attracted to with no intentions of developing something meaningful beyond just sex & as an end result…a baby popped out.  If you disagree with me, you are full of shit.  Nobody applies the title baby mama/daddy to a person they give a damn about.  That title is only reserved for people that they knew more than likely weren’t shit.  The person applying that title somehow tried to convince themselves that the person they gave that title to was somehow about some shit only to discover that they weren’t about shit.  It’s also telling about you as well, the title giver.  It says that YOU AREN’T SHIT EITHER.  How?  Simple.  How can you not be shit if you are running around here creating babies with a person that you’ve only decided to give the title of baby mama/daddy to?  Seriously, what in the fuck does that say about your decision making skills?  It says…YOU AIN’T SHIT.

Now if you’ve created a child with a person and you refer to this person as the mother/father of your child, what that says about you & the person you created the child with is that you actually have legitimate respect for that other person.  More than likely you two were involved in some type of serious meaningful relationship that produced a child.  For whatever reason, the relationship didn’t work, but the respect, importance, and admiration for the parent of your child never went away…hence the reason why you refer to them as the “mother/father of your child”.

Do you understand the difference here?

So if the person you created a child with refers to you as simply their baby mama/daddy, understand that that person never viewed you as anything but a piece of ass from the beginning which unfortunately created a child that this person more than likely regrets creating with you every single day.  It also says that if people only view you as a piece of ass, that ultimately you ain’t shit and you might want to do some soul searching & goal creating so that you can hopefully remove yourself from the bottom of the barrel ain’t shit category.  You can keep fooling yourself all you want, but you know I’m telling the truth.  Seriously if you refer to the mother or father of your kid as simply your baby mama/daddy, I want you to take about 5 minutes and ask yourself WHY.  Why is that person ONLY deserving of the baby mama/daddy title?  You know the reason why.  After you are done pretending like you don’t know the reason why they are deserving of that title, I then want you to spend another 5 minutes analyzing all of the decisions you’ve ever made in life which has allowed you to end up with the “baby mama/daddy” phrase in your vocabulary.  You know the reason why.  But in case you want you want to pretend like you don’t or make up some bullshit excuse to justify how the phrase “baby mama/daddy” became a permanent part of your life & vocabulary…go back up & reread that big ass paragraph I typed that ended with the words YOU AIN’T SHIT.

Your favorite mulatto.
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