If You Are A Woman, You Might Want To Stay Away From These Dudes…Real Talk

FYI:  I don’t just put racist white people on blast, I put ignorant ass niggas on blast too.  I’m an equal opportunity blaster of the willful ignorant.

So I’m on Facebook scrolling through my timeline reading randomness that provides absolutely no value to my life whatsoever and this video comes across my timeline with the caption:


You beat her up, then expect her to open her legs for you happily?  Men stop thinking like dicks, use your brains.  If she cheat on you just dump her because hitting her won’t change the fact that she is a whore. — Sex and Relationships in South Africa Facebook Fan page

Now off the jump, the caption of the video is problematic as you can see where I highlighted in red.  But what’s even worse are some comments I read on this video from Black men in regards to how they feel about physical abuse towards women after somebody reshared this video.

Let’s check out some statements from Daywon Little & James Moore shall we.

Daywon Little, James Moore, onyx truth

“Well follow the rules and you won’t have any problems… What’s so hard about not cheating on your husband…”Daywon Little

Daywon Little, what’s so hard about NOT beating women period?  Seriously.  And exactly what “rules” were broken that you believed warranted this woman to being brutally beaten like that?  Whenever you read this, leave your response in the comments.

“Over there, there’s consequences over here there’s none they control their women over there here in the US the women aren’t controlled.”James Moore

The consequences over there are just completely fucked up no matter how you view it & it’s a shame you are condoning this behavior.  As far as US women are concerned, you feel brutally beating women is an appropriate measure for “controlling” women huh?  Oh yeah, when you read this, please elaborate on what you mean by “controlling” if you don’t mind.

“The US women are out of control.  You got that right..”Daywon Little

So because you can’t legally beat US women & get away with it like some countries unfortunately allow overseas, you feel that US women are “out of control”?  Really.  So you feel in order to control US women, you need to brutally beat them.  Got it.

“Our women here need to be controlled because they’re tearing this country apart, at least that guy didn’t kill her in Iraq they get stoned to death they don’t play that cheating shit at all.”James Moore

James Moore sounds like an extreme member of the Blacklantians who believe in women being nothing but 100% submissive to the will of a man at all times.  So a cheating woman is “tearing this country apart”…that’s pure ashy nigga logic.  So in order to control these cheating women, men need to just beat the shit out of them to let them know how much their cheating ways are destroying this country?  Got it.

Daywon Little, onyx truth 2

“Honestly I don’t agree with him beating her in that corner like that… He should have done it out in the open and made all the wives gather round to witness Justice for breaking the laws of the land…”Daywon Little

This nigga is unapologetically about that savage life in regards to women.  I highly doubt this nigga is about that life in regards to men.  Most never are.

Donte Enge, James Moore, onyx truth

“Thats his wife his marriage his rules do something or stfu”Donte Enge

Well, we now know what his marriage vows to his unfortunate fiancé will state.

“See what they not realizing is over there they have a patriarchy and they control their wives here in US we get arrested here if we beat ours.  The fact that female nature isn’t controlled here in US is why women get away with a lot stuff and is tearing society apart, female nature must be controlled and over there in that part of Africa it is controlled.”James Moore

Ahhh yes, we here in America need a violent patriarchy system that believes in the practice of brutally beating the shit out of women so that we can control them from destroying society.  Got it.  As for getting arrested in the US for beating women…you dumb ass nigga, you should be arrested at the bare minimum.  Matter of fact for even allowing your brain to conjure up those thoughts to send signals to your fingers to type that foolishness on Facebook, the powers that be should hang your ass upside down like they did Django & cut your dick off.  That seems like a fair punishment in my opinion for dumb niggas like you.

Moving on…

Why am I doing this ladies & gentleman?  Simple.  Women honestly need to be on the lookout for niggas like this.  It could literally mean life or death.

These dudes get online & get so comfortable on Facebook with posting the most egregious shit that they honestly forget that the whole world has the ability to watch their fuckery in real time.  Then a nigga like me comes along and exposes these fuck nigga for the fuck boys they truly are.  Seriously, anyone who condones physical abuse regardless of the sex of the person being abused deserves to be exposed so the whole world can know who you are & where you stand so that hopefully a person’s life can be potentially saved.  Real talk.  Every woman in America needs to know about niggas like these idiots.  I mean, they have no shame in nonchalantly getting on Facebook to state that they believe in beating the shit out of women, so you should have no doubts in believing every word they typed.

Ladies if you live in Chicago, I highly advise you to avoid Donte Enge & Daywon Little.  James Moore, I don’t know where this nigga is located, but if you meet a nigga named James Moore in the future, befriend him on Facebook then come back to this article to click on his name.  If this article takes you to the same profile as the James Moore you befriended…rid yourself of that nigga quick if you plan on living a healthy & happy life.

Your favorite mulatto.


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