SB1- 15: Gladiator School — How to Debate

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)


On this episode of the Soul Brother #1 of a Kind I expand on the “intellectually aggressive” thing and attempt to empower listeners with the ability to debate — in other words, the ability to escape and evade nonsense in the intellectual arena.  Here I give a bit of debate advice along with observing a few logical fallacies on top of honoring weed smoker’s 4/20 this month.  Skills.

“Most folks when in an argument seek to prove that we are totally and completely right and the other fellow is wrong on all points.  Skillful persuaders however, always concede SOMETHING and find some sort of agreement while continuing to state their case.  If the other person has a point, acknowledge it.  If you give in on the minor unimportant points you might have that are flawed, the opponent will be more likely to absorb what you are saying.

You might have to doctor a few flawed points just for effect.  So yes, in short, hand them minor victories.  Those minor victories are similar to a loss of a pawn on a chessboard.  Sure, you lost a pawn now, but they are one step away from losing their queen, or five steps away from checkmate.  Don’t care for winning everything…” ~ Johnny Silvercloud, SB1 Ep 15

Song List: 

  1. Budsmoker’s Only, Bone Thugs -n- Harmony
  2. How to Roll a Blunt, Redman
  3. How High (Remix), Redman and Method Man
  4. Buddah Loverz, Bone Thugs -n- Harmony
  5. It Was a Good Day, Ice Cube

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