SB1- 14: Thoughts on Being “Confrontational”

Onyx Contributor:  Johnny Silvercloud (@JohnnySilverclo)


On this episode of the Soul Brother #1 of a Kind I reflect on why I’m “confrontational” from an intellectual standpoint, or “intellectually aggressive”.  Then, I speak on what hinders the ability to be confrontational, and why it’s necessary to have more intellectual fighters from the black community.

“I find a huge parallel between battle rap and socio-political debate.  For starters, that confidence has to be there.  That confidence is buttressed by how well studied you are.  Did you do your research?  What do you know? Now, what do you don’t know?  How are you going to fill in the gaps in regards to the things you don’t know?  These are the questions you gotta ask yourself, whether you are a battle rapper or a debater.

Another comparable thing would be knowing your opposition.  Do you know what techniques they are going to use?  What happens if he mentions this or mentions that?  How would you respond?  What is your audience like?  Who are they?  His friends?  Yours?  Total strangers?  Are they dumb, or smart?” ~ Johnny Silvercloud, SB1 Ep 14

Song List: 

  1. ’95 Freestyle, Big L
  2. The DJ Clue Freestyle, Canibus
  3. Toe to Toe, Big Pun and Cuban Link
  4. Making a Name For Ourselves, Common and Canibus
  5. Dream Shatterer, Big Pun
  6. Daylight, Ramp

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