According To White People, Talking About Racism Makes You Racist

For those of you who have never started a blog let me explain how blog comments work (at least for my site)…every time there is a comment posted on this site I get an email notification informing me that a comment has been posted or it needs approval prior to posting.  Why am I bringing this up?  Well, I stay getting email notifications from white people calling me racist because I talk about racism on this site.  I swear it’s the funniest yet saddest thing at times.  Nowhere on this site or even on any podcast I’ve recorded have I ever stated myself (or Black people in general) to be superior to white people.  Do I think Black people are better than white people at certain things?  Absolutely.  Do I think white people are better at certain things?  Sure.  Do I think other races are better at other things?  Sure, why not.  No one group has any one skill set on lock…except white Americans when it comes to ENFORCING racism.

“B-b-but Black people can be racist too!”random white person reading this site

“W-w-what do you mean enforcing racism?”random white person still reading this site

I’ve written about so-called racist Black people & enforcing racism before, so I’m not going to waste time repeating myself.

The new approach white society is attempting to use to deflect from Black people talking about systemic racism (the only form of racism most Black people are actually talking about) is to label Black people racist for SIMPLY TALKING ABOUT RACISM.  That’s it.  If you are Black & you start talking about racism, white people will try to label you as racist for talking about racism.  Seriously.  I’m not making this shit up.  I told you all up top that every time a comment is posted to this site I get an email notification correct.  Well, I’ve stopped counting how many times I’ve been called a racist for simply talking about racism.  Another thing I wonder is, I don’t even promote this website yet white people appear to go out of their way to find me just to call me a racist for talking about racism.  But I digress.

Moving on…

YES…white people are tired of non-white people pointing out the culture of racism that lives deep within white society so much that they are now labeling YOU (Black person) AS A RACIST for even talking about racism.  That’s the new game being played.  What’s really going on here is, white people are simply trying to silence you because they just don’t want to talk about it.  White people tell me all the time, “If people just stop talking about racism, it will go away.”  That’s their solution.  Instead of white people listening & learning from what countless COUNTLESS people who are not white say about racism based off their own life or familial experiences, a lot of white people attempt to silence you by trying to make it seem like you are the bad guy.  White people who try to label you as a racist for talking about racism prefer to hide under the bedsheets to avoid accountability for the historic nature of their culture that is still prevalent in the present.  They don’t want to own up to the fact Black people who speak on racism are not making this shit up.  White people who call Black people racist for talking about racism are a bunch of white people who refuse to accept that there is more to the world than their lily white perspectives.

White people, this isn’t Worldstar Hip Hop, this isn’t some random shucking & jiving website full of coons looking to appease white feelings in exchange for butter biscuits.  This is the Onyx Truth website, the home of highly educated & intelligent knee grows who can see through your fuckery from a mile away.  So miss me with the bullshit of attempting to call me racist because I address racism.  How about you suck up those white feels & admit that racism is a severe problem perpetuated by mainly white people.  All of these so-called racist Black people you speak of, these Black people are in essence just reacting to the American culture of racism because they’ve failed to discover another way to intelligently express their disdain for racism brought to the American people by white people & white people alone.

“B-b-but you’re a racist!”angry white person who read this entire piece

No white person, you are just in denial about the culture of white racism & you being offended by the discussions about racism helps to solidify in my mind that you could quite possibly be the racist we constantly speak about on this site.

Your favorite mulatto.


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