Seductive Mixtape Series #12: The New Ish

I know that most of my previous posts in the series have covered music that would be considered old school by today’s young folks.  As a lover of that feel-good, soul-stirring, chill-inducing music, I feel that a lot of today’s music really misses the mark.  I mean, a lot is nowhere near the caliber of songwriting and instrumentation of Earth, Wind, and Fire or Con Funk Shun. Y’all don’t feel me.  Maybe you do.

Conversely, some of the songs that have been released over the past five years or so aren’t that bad.  Maybe the feelings invoked by some of these “new school” songs aren’t the same for us old-heads, but you have to give props where props are due.  These latest entries in the Seductive Mixtape Series are just of few of those that qualify as soundtrack worthy for your next sexual encounter or while having a drink after work.  Check these out and look out for a possible part II post with some others that have caught my ear.


Song #1 – Say It by Tory Lanez
I am slowly becoming a fan of this young brother.  He aims to be different from the rest of the younger artists claiming to make music while appealing to those in his age range.  He has a few tracks that I could write about, but the one of subject was the introduction of this guy for most of us.

The music sampled is easily recognizable for fans of the Michael Jackson produced group, Brownstone, and their top hit, If You Love Me.  I like the way his auto-tuned call and response slickly is placed over the chorus of the Brownstone song.  This is definitely a new school love song.  The lyrics aren’t earth shattering like a Teddy P. song, but I can honestly say that it is actually in my “Mood Music” playlist on my phone.

Check it out!!


Song #2 – Don’t by Bryson Tiller
This guy kinda reminds me of Jerimih with a deeper singing voice….LOL.  Honestly, he looks a lot like Tory Lanez to me.  Anyway, this song came to my attention around the same time as the aforementioned.  He, also like Tory Lanez, has a few songs that have grown on me.  Maybe others may appear in later posts.  We’ll see.

This is one of those songs that you really don’t need to listen to the words to enjoy.  I almost placed it in a future post humorously titled, “Captain Sav-a-Hoe Music”, but it is some new ish that I bob my head to (take that however you want to…lol).  This is also one of those songs that is currently on my “Mood Music” playlist.  Maybe it is on yours…


Song #3 – Girl by The Internet
I am mad at all of you for not putting me on to this group.  I call myself somewhat of a fan of the Odd Future alumni of rappers and artists, but I had never heard of this Grammy-nominated group. (Shout out to Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt!)  I first heard the tail end of a song by The Internet playing on the radio as I navigated through DMV traffic after another long day.  Just curious about the group’s weird name, I looked them up.  That day, my whole day at work was a little easier to bear as the hypnotic songs played in my earphones back to back on repeat.

I didn’t know which one that I would pick to share with you all because there were so many commendable tracks as options.  I chose Girl for it is seductive and smooth like a Meshell Ndegeocello song, yet with a fly Amy Winehouse quality to it.  The lyrics have some lesbian-like tendencies, but this track is definitely one for a change in mood regardless of your sexual preference.  The lead singer, Syd Tha Kyd, has a kinda entrancing and light voice that goes incredibly over this mesmerizing instrumentation and cool ass bassline.  I could play this on repeat for hours as I meditate or do something a lil more….seductive.

I am positive that another track by The Internet will be featured in another post someday.