Roy Cogar Wishes I was Raped By a Bunch Of Black Men

Onyx Contributor:  Stephanie Monk (@stephinitely666)

Fucking nigger loving race trading bitch, I hope you get raped by some homeboys and it gets put on red tube :D” — Roy Cogar


He's very eloquent.

He’s very eloquent.

I have never had a single interaction with Roy Cogar.  Yet on this warm, quiet evening, I received this message in my inbox on Facebook.  Roy Cogar apparently felt it necessary to tell me exactly what he thought of me.  I often find myself laying awake at night thinking, what do the Roy Cogars of the world think of me?  What am I doing if I’m not obliging by what Roy Cogar wants me to be doing with my life?

I find it kind of odd that he’d want me to not only be gang raped, but also for it to be placed on a publicly accessible site so that he could then, one would assume, watch it?  Does he enjoy watching rapes?  Does he enjoy watching interracial rapes?  Why would Roy Cogar, new father, want me-little ole me, to be gang raped?

Furthermore, why would Roy Cogar, of Oklahoma City (originally from Palm Beach, FL) want myself, half way across the country, to be gang raped?  Should the daughter of Roy Cogar grow up to not be as supremacist as her father, enter into an interracial relationship, then be told by her own father, Roy Cogar, that he hopes she gets “raped by some homeboys” and would he further want it “on red tube”?  What would Roy Cogar do?

Hey, though.  Roy Cogar will fight for your first amendment right all day.

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