How Trump Supporters Prefer To “Make America Great Again”

I stopped keeping track of how many emails I receive from white people calling me racist, angry, militant, etc.  As this blog continues to grow an audience, I guess I have to accept that this is just a part of the game I suppose.

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about white people.  More than usual.  It’s the other half of the Onyx Truth, by the name of Johnny Silvercloud, who dedicates most of his writing towards white society.  Normally I could give a damn, but lately, white society has become too much for me to remain silent.  Too many in white society seriously just get on my fucking nerves every time they open their mouth or punch keys on their keyboard.  Too many in white society honestly want to pretend like Black people are just making shit up just for the sake of making shit up when it comes to issues surrounding racism.  As if everybody in Black society (outside of coons) has had some sort of mental breakdown to where we can’t distinguish fantasy from reality.  It’s absolutely amazing, sad, & disgusting how soooooooooooooooooooooooo many in white society choose to pretend that racism doesn’t exist.  Even more pathetic, some have even went so far as to convince themselves that THEY ARE THE VICTIMS OF RACISM stemming from Black society.  No shit.  I kid you not.

Anyways let’s move on.  Take a look at this video:

This video has to got to be the most patriotic video I’ve seen in a long ass time.


Yes, patriotic.  Why?  Glad you asked.

This video has every single element a true red-blooded American (white person) could ask for captured beautifully in 37 seconds.  This video has an American flag, a dude wearing a ball cap with the American flag stars on it.  This video has a bunch of white people attending a Trump rally dedicated to making “America Great Again”.  This video has a sea of white people staring at a Black woman as she is screamed at by random white people & forcibly shoved out of the rally by none other than a proud white military vet.  You got a bunch of white onlookers filming with their phones in admiration.  If you are a white American who lives in denial about Black people experiencing racism, how can you not find this video oh so patriotic?  This video is visual proof of what it means to make “America Great Again”.  This video represents all of the angry white people in America who truly feel like they are losing their country & their power.  So what better way to demonstrate how dedicated & patriotic you are to this ideal of “America” than to reenact a scene out of the 1950s…the decade a lot of white Americans consider to be the greatest decade in American history.  You know, the same decade that gave us timeless patriotic classics like the Little Rock 9.

I must have watched this clip about 50 times in awe & just can’t stop admiring how so many white people are dead ass sincere about making America great again.  They want this country to be so great that they have to demonstrate their mob-like greatness upon a Black woman by literally harassing & assaulting her.  WOW…I think I’m finally starting to see the light in regards to how so many in white society think Black people are just angry for no damn reason.  We in Black society are looking at this racist thing from the wrong angle.  We need to take our pro-Black/anti-racist blinders off so that we can finally become fully conscious to the world where WE ARE THE THREAT to white comfort.  We are the ones causing unnecessary ripples in the pristine lake of American whiteness.  Look at how that Black woman fucked up that Trump rally.  Her presence there caused a disruption to the point where the only sensible course of action was to physically assault & harass her so that this peaceful gathering of whiteness could get back on track to making America great again.  WOW.  You go white people…you go.  Make America great again.

God Bless ‘Murica.

Your favorite mulatto.
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