The Only Solution To Racism Is For Racist People To Die…That’s It

I had a conversation today with a white lady who was unapologetically racist.  She informed me that her racist attitude towards Black people started when she got beat up on the playground years ago as a child.  According to her, from that day forward it solidified in her mind that Black people were basically evil monsters who served no good for society.  She didn’t start calling me a nigger or anything like that (to my face), but her whole attitude & belief system was nothing short of a full blown white supremacist who worshiped at the alter of racism.

To make a long story long, during our discourse she sarcastically stated to me that if I wanted to truly see an end to racism maybe I should go about trying to “re-educate” her from how she came to take on this racist worldview stemming from her childhood fight.  She then had the nerve to ask me if I would be interested in trying to help her.  I’m assuming this lady was expecting me to reply like..

“Why yes Miz White Lady.  I shole do want to comfort and guide you, yes I shole do!  I’m sorry my nigger ways offend you.  M’am I’z be glad to help you understand why I’m not the nigger you believe me to be!”

Here’s what I told her…

“Hell no.  I have no desire to “re-educate” any racist or suspected racist period.  The best thing a racist person can do is to simply die so the rest of society can get on without having to deal with you people.”

Lately I find myself discovering a lot of Black people having to explain racism to white people.  I guess that’s a good thing somewhat if that white person is willing to actually shut the fuck up & LISTEN to a Black person’s perspective before trying to force feed their interpretations down our throats about what they believe racism to be.  I’m also discovering a lot of Black people adopting the role of “Save-A-Mayo”.  Meaning, some Black people think it is imperative that they honestly try to change the way racist people think so that they can somehow magically stop being racist.  To the Black people flying around the world with your “Save-A-Mayo” cape on…the fuck is wrong with you knee grows?  The only people who should be concerned with trying to convert racist white people are OTHER WHITE PEOPLE who understand racism exists.  That’s it.  That’s their mission if they choose to accept it.  Not ours.

Here’s what you “Save-A-Mayo” knee grows need to understand:  these racist white folks don’t give a fuck about you or what you got to say no matter how logical, factual, & correct you may be.  These racist idiots literally worship racism like a religion.  You can’t tell them shit.

Even with all of the so-called white allies who understand racism, I’m just going to be blunt about this…no matter how educated you may become in the ways of understanding the various facets of racism, you’re efforts to change white racist minds is futile.  The only solution to ending racism is for racist people to die.  That’s it.  Once they die, that’s one less racist person the world will have to deal with.  I’m not saying people need to start killing racist people for all of the idiots who may be reading this thinking a race war needs to pop off.  I’m simply saying, racism will never go away until ALL RACIST PEOPLE DIE.  That’s the only tangible solution that can produce real results that shall lead humanity to a world where racism is nonexistent.

Educating racist white people, having heart-to-hearts with racist white people…fuck all of that.  None of that shit has worked in damn near 500 years.  People who believe & practice racism simply just need to fall over & die so the rest of society can get on without having to deal with this shit anymore.

PS:  For all of you reading this who want to say, “Why you gotta say racist WHITE people?  Black people can be racist too!”  To that I say….eat a dick & then wash it down with a glass of old man sweaty nut sack juice.

A Black person calling you a racist slur or punching you in the face fails in comparison to where one group (WHITE PEOPLE) have literally create a system backed by laws & society to ENFORCE their views of racism.

“B-b-but…I’m not racist!” — random white person reading this

Ok.  Then why are you offended?

Your favorite mulatto.

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